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munion by confirmation 277, and that the yet left the press, we have not seen whole number of their communicants is their parochial reports of this year. From 3114. The General Synod cannot deny the minutes of the session of 1822 it apo themselves the pleasure of expressing the pears that their body then consisted of 6 gratification which they received from the Pastors apd 4 Deacons. perusal of the minutes of this Synod, which contains abundant evidence of the Turning our eyes from our own country zeal and activity pervading that respecta- to continental Europe, which is the prinble body. The "Hartwick Seminary,an cipal seat of Lutheranism, and in which institution incorporated in 1816 and pat- the Lutheran Church is more numerous ronized by this Synod, the Principal of than all the other protestant churches towhich must always be a Lutheran preach- gether; numerous circumstances of interer, and the majority of the trustees, mem. est and utility present themselves to our bers of the Lutheran Church, is in the view. But not wishing to prolong this most flourishing condition. This Synod address to an undue length; we shall limhave also taken measures to enlarge the i' ourselves to some statistical and general theological department of this institution, views; and as the situation of and have appropriated a sum of money for Germany including Prussia Hungaria the enlargement of the theological library, and France, is more generally known to already containing about 1000 volumes. our churches, we shall merely state that Several young men have been sent forth by a calculation made from ihe most aufrom this institution into the vineyard of thentic sources, they contain considerably the Lord, and the number now pursuing more than 17 millions of Lutherans. theological studies is 10; who proinise at In Denmark, in which the Lutheran is a suture day, to be highly useful to the the established religion, in which the king cause of Christ.

must prosess the Augsburg Confession and The Synod of North Carolina and the ad. maintain it throughout the kingdom, the joining Slules held their last meeting 10 government of our Church, as is well Rowan County, and from the minutes of known, is Episcopal. The kingdom is ditheir proceedings it appears, that the min. vided into the following Diocesses; the istry of that Synod contains 19 members, diocess of Sealand, the bishop of which rethal during the current year they had ad- sides at Copenhagen ; the diocess of Fu mitted to church-membership by baptism nen, the bishop's resiilence at Odensee; the 434 children and 13 adults, aduntteu lo sa- diocess of Rypen, the bishop's residence cramental communion by confirmation at Rypen ; the diocess ef Aarhus, the bish 220, and that the aggregate number of their op's residence at Aarhus ; the diocess of communicants is upwards of 1358.

Wrborg, the residence of the bishop at The Synod of Olio at present consists of Wiborg; and the diocess of Aalborg, the about 26 ministers. Their parochial re- bishop of which resides in Aalborg. The ports of baptism, &c. during the curreui government of ecclesiastical affairs is dis. year cannot be given, as their session have tributed among these 6 bishops ; and there ing but lately beeu held, we have not yet are in the whole 3272 parishes. In Slesreceived their last ininutes. From the wig and Holstein, there are no bishops ; former minutes of this Synod and other and the management of ecclesiastical afsources of ioformation, it appears that they fairs is committed to the care of General are actively engaged in doing the work of Superintendents. The members of our the Lord. Numerous applications are Church in this kingdom amount to upwards made to them by persons living remote of 900,000. The Ferroe Islands, north of from them, to have the word of eternal Scotland belong to Den:nark and are Lu. lile preached unto them, and the Synod theran. They contain 1 superintendent, are making every possible exertion to 7 pastors, 39 churches and about 40,000 meet these calls.

Lutherans. The Synod of Maryland and Virginia at In Nortray there are 4 diocesses, the present contains 22 ministers. During bishops of which reside at Christiania (the the last year they admitted to church-meni- capital of the country,) Christiansand, bership by baptism 1420, admitted to sa- Bergen, and Drontheim, and have the map. cramental communion by confirination agement of the affairs of all the churches. 650, and the aggregate number of their The department of Aggerius alone con. communicants is 4935.

taing 111 parishes. Iceland has 46,000 The German Evangelical Lutheran Con. Lutherans. Holum one of its principal ference of Tennessee commenced their last towns, formerly was the seat of a bishop; meeting in Sinking. Spring Church, in

but his diocess is merged in that of Rein. Green County, on the third Sunday of Kenrick or Skalhult, the jurisdiction of October ; but their minutes having not

whose bishop extends over the whole isl. and. There are in all Iceland 189 parish. es; the pastors are all natives, and have Christ, who bear also the name of the ilstudied principally at Copenhagen. Nor- lustrious Luther, amount, throughout the way proper contains about 700,000 Lu- world, to upwards of 20,000,000; their therans.

number has indeed been estimated by good In Sweden, in which likewise, Lutheran. authors at 28,000,000. In concluding this ism is the established religion, the ecclesi- address, the General Synod would join astical affairs are administered by the their Churches, and their fellow ChrisArchbishop of Upsala (which venerable tians at large, in offering their sincere and station is at present filled by the Rev. Dr. heartfelt gratitude

the great Head of Rosenstein,) together with the bishops of the Church, for those cheering scenes of Linkiæping, Skara, Stren gnæs, Ibesteras, evangelical and catholic exertions for the Iberia, Abo, Lund, Borgo, Gathaburg, salvation of the human family, which the Calmor, Karlstadt, Hernesansi, Gothland, Christian world has of late years witnessand Stockholm. The whole church is di- ed, in prayer for the rapid and general vided into 192 ecclesiastical circles (prob- diffusion of the holy, heavenly, saving steyen) which contain about 2,800,000 principles of the Gospel of Christ, and in members.

commending the Church and all her interIn Lapland there are numerous Luther. ests, to the protection and the guidance an Churches, the principal of which are and the blessing of Him, who promised at Asele; Lyksela ; Jockmock; Gelli. that the gates of Hell should never prevail ware, which is situated direclly under the against her. Arctic or North polar circle; at Jukasjerswi ; at Enontekis, where the sun in sum

DONATIONS TO RELIGIOUS AND CHARITAmer is risible 49 days uninterrupledly; at

BLE INSTITUTIONS. Utsjoki, which is 69 degrees 51 min. 52 sec. north latitude ; at Kamuso, and at Enara.

(In the month of April.) The religion of Finland is Lutheran. To the American Board of Commission. The country is divided into two Diocess. ers for Foreign Missions, from March 13 es which are under the jarisdiction of the to April 13 inclusive, $2, 143 97. bishops of Abo and of Borgo.

To the American Bible Society, $5,886 The number of Lutherans in Russia has 06. Issued from the Depository, Bibles, been estimated at upwarıls of 2,000,000, 4808 ; Testaments, 3328 : Total 8236. which is however perhaps overrated : 1,- To the United Foreign Missionary So500,000 would be a moderate estimate. ciety, $2170 38.

Relative to the state and number of our To the American Education Society, Chorches in Africa, East India, Helvetia, $410 99. & the Netherlands, the General Synod can. To the American Tract Society pt, at present, communicate any definite $254 99. information. It appears, however, upon The Treasurer of the Missionary Socie. a general survey, agreeably to the prece- ty of the Methodist Episcopal Church acding estimates, wbich are certainly below knowledges the receipt of $1785 24, since the true ratio, that those followers of February.

Ordinations and Installations.

April 10.-The Rev. Rufus BAILY was April 28.The Rev.ALEXANDER PAE: installed Pastor of the Congregational NIX, over the Second Society in SpringChurch and Society in Pittsfield, Mass. field.-Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Romeyn -Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Peters of Ben- of New-York. nington,

May 6.-The Rev. JOSEPH McELROY, April 14.- The Rev. AMBROSE Edson, was installed Pastor of the Scotch Presbyover the First Trinitarian Church and So- terian Church in Cedar Street, New York, ciety in Brooklyn, Conn.

-Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Snodgrass. April 20.—The Rev. SAMUEL H. COR. May 12.— The Rev.John H. HOPKINS, NISH, was installed Pastor of the First was admitted to the Holy order of Priests, African Presbyteriau Church in New York. by the Rt. Rev. Bp. White.

April 21.–The Rev. MOSES PAR- May 13.-'The Rev. SEBASTIAN TRIDGE, over the Second Church in Plym- STREETER, was installed Pastor of the outh, Mass.-Sermon by the Rev. Mr. First Universalist Society in Boston. Iue, of Medway.

May 29.-The Rev. JACOB CUMMINGS, April 22.—'İ'he Rev. John F. SCHROE over the Society of Stratham, N. H.DER, was admitted to the Holy order of Sermon by the Rer. Mr. Dimmick, of Priests, by the Rt. Rev. Bp. Kemp.


Diew of Public Affairs.


Very gerious apprehensions exist at Among the few items of foreign news Hayti respecting the designs of France. received during the past month, the most

The whole coast has been placed in a pos. interesting is a rumour that the Pacha of ture of defence, and President Boyer, in Egypt had declared himself independent

an address to the chamber of Deputies, eays of the Grand Seignior. It is certainly

" if France should undertake the subjuga. known, say the Paris papers, that he was

tion of the Island she will find the garri. in camp with 25,000 men, disciplined in sons doubly fortified, the storehouses well the European manner, whom he had as. supplied with provisions, and a different desembled under pretence of opposing the

scriition of enemies from those she lately Arabs. It is also said that to prevent the

met in Spain.” It was recommended to suspicion of the Porte, he had reipforced the inbabitants to provide for their fami. the Turkish squadron in the Mediterra- lies a place in the interior to which they ucan. This report to which full credit might flee in case of an attack. The seems to have been given al Constantino- alarm was occasioned by the late arrivals ple, is rendered highly credible by the of French ships from Brest. character and the uniform policy of the

DOMESTIC. Wice Roy of Egypt. Every friend to Greek emancipation will devoutly pray that it The Tarif Bill, celebrated for the pro.. may prove true, and that it may not only tracted discussion it has undergone in embarrass the operations of the Sultan Congress, and for the attention it has es. against the Greeks, for which he is ma- cited among those classes of our citizens king active preparation, but that it may whose interests were likely to be most af'shake the fidelity of the Eastern provinces fected by it, has al length, by a small maof the empire, and in its train of couse- jority, become a law. This Bill like that quences work out the complete and spee- which it supersedes allows Seminaries of dy overthrow of Turkish despotism. learoing and Societies incorporated for lit

The Greeks continue to be represented erary or philosophical purposes, or for the as generally successful in their operations encouragement of the fine arts, the privi. against the Turks, though none of their lege of importing books, apparatus, statenterprises are of great magnitude. ues, paintings, &c. &c. free of duty.

Answers to Correspondents.

L. and a Communication without a signature are received.

We have not had an opportunity of reading the book of which V. has favoured us with a review, and must for that reason decline publishing his manuscript. Also, we should be unwilling to hazard upon our own responsibility, some of the opinions which V. advances, or to vouch for the correctness of some of ihe facts which he states, although supported by very respectable names. Whether the twelve hundred aboriginal languages of America have a common origin, and if so, whether shat the Hebrew, we are not aware that the subject has been sufficiently investigated to show. And whether the American Indians, as the author of the book believes, and as his reviewer thinks ‘not improbable,' or the Afghans of the East, as Sir William Jones sup. poses, be the descendants of the ten tribes, we confess ourselves not in possession of the evidence necessary to determine.

Erratum, p. 296, col. 2, I. 33, for idees readióne.




JULY 1, 1824.

[Vol. VI.

rass us.

Religious Communications.
For the Christian Spectator. religion of the Bible, while they con-

sistently reject every other. A Comparative Estiinate of the Reli

1. On this subject we should do gion of the Bible with other Reli

well to consider, that a revelation gious Systems.

from God would be apt to have its The following thoughts were sug- counterfeits, or imitations. Every gested by reading, in a late number thing valuable on earth is liable to be of the Christian Spectator, an inter. counterfeited, and this among others. esting article on Swedenborgianism. Indeed the more valuable the object, There is no reason to fear that a sys- the greater is the danger of imitation. tem so visionary and absurd as that The circumstance, therefore, that of the Swedish prophet will exten- there are several religious systems sively prevail in this or any other which lay claim to a divine original, enlightened country; yet the remark should neither surprise nor embarof the writer of that account, respec

This was to be expected ; ting the belief wbich it possible to and though all of them cannot be secure, from among some intelligent true, we have every reason to believe men, for the most extravagant opin- that one of them must be. It needs ions, is perfectly just. Even Swe only a little comparison-a slight denborgiaoisin by being received into examination of the merits of the sev. the heart, is probably destined to eral ge eral religions, to decide with destroy some immortal souls.

certainty between them. They all Should it be thought by any, as poin! to some authenticated revela. doubtless the idea bas been sugges- tion, and evidentiy to that of the Bi. ted to some minds, that the same ble. We know of no other so anconsiderations by which we disprove cient; and yet there is in it a freshthis, and every scheme of fanaticism, ness-a distinctness—an adaptation are applicable to the system of Mo- to the essential circumstances of huses and of Jesus, we are prepared to man nature, which time does not dishow that the fact is otherwise. We ninish, and which the others do not are evabled to bring forward criteria possess. Some of the latter are wbich in a most satisfactory manner, strictly imitations, though awkwardly distinguish the true religion from executed. Others, if not suggested every false one. The field of the by the Bible, may have had in a evidences of the Scriptural Revela- small degree, the advantage of antion is not here to be explored. My cient traditional discoveries, which object is, merely to compare it, in a were matter of revelation in its unfew of its general features, with oth- recorded state. So far as they copy er schemes of religion, pretending to they do well, but when they depart a divine authority. Such a compar. from their original, they shew their ative estimate may shew to readers, lameness. In Mahometanism, and their solemn obligations to receive the the system of Swedenborg, we see

VOL. VI. - No. 7. 43

very clearly the counterfeiting taste, arise false Christs, and false prophets, but those monstrous additions that and shall show great signs and wonare made to the copy, spoil it for the ders, insomuch that if it were possireal lover of truth. Even in the an- ble they shall deceive the very elect. cient Sabianism and Magianism of Behold I have told you before.” The the East, and in the refined systems of fulfilment of this prediction appears Grecian and Roman polytheism, we in ecclesiastical bistory, inasmuch as can trace some faini lineaments of

no less than twenty four salse Christs the Old Testament religion. In. have arisen since the time of our Sa. deed concerning the first of these, viour, extending even down into the Gibbon says, tbat " in the tradition 17th century. Besides these, we of the creation, the deluge and the know that there have been many patriarchs, the Sabians held. a sin. other fabricators of religious sysgular agreement with their Jewish tems. Here by the way, is an item captives.” The systems of modern of proof, aside from the purpose parPaganism are various, but none of ticularly bad in view in these rethem pretend to be a universal reli. marks, respecting the truth of Chrisgion, or are in their structure fitted tianity : for how could it have been for general use. It needs only a known by its author, unless he was look at them to know that in every what he professed to be, that man. thing which is peculiar to them, they kind in succeeding ages would take canie not from above, but from be- any interest in his religion, or that it neath. In the deistical system, we would survive his death ? How could find an opposition to all revelation, he have known that his very dame except that which nature affords; would not be forgotten ? Against a nevertheless we find pretensions to signal and enormous corruption of truth. But as all the real truth his own religion in after ages, as well which it coutains is obtainable else. as against the delusions of the false where, and more is wanted by the Prophet he has also given prophetic circumstances of human nature wbich waruings, which have come to pass. Deism would not furnish if it could, The circumstance that pretended rewe must of course exclude it, even velations opposed to the Gospel, are as a subject of comparison.

matter of such warning, seems to sin2. False religions are matter of gle out Christianity at once, from all prophetic warning in the holy Scrip- other religions, and to stamp upon iures, and that under such circum- them the seal of reprobation. By this stances, at times, as plainly to point means the Gospel assumes and mainthem out, thus distinguishing them tains a precedence worthy of its from the true religion. So early as heavenly character and original. the days of Moses, we find the fol- “ Though we, or an angel from heavlowing caution given, in evident ex- en preach any other Gospel unto pectation of what would afierwards you than that which we have preachtake place. “Thou shall not bear ed unto you, let him be accursed," ken unto the words of that prophet, is the imposing and authoritative lanor that dreamer of dreams” (viz. one guage of revelation. Horace Walwho should persuade the people to pole, an infidel of the last century, “ go after other Gods” which they ventured to suggest that this intolerhad not known,) for the Lord your ance, as he chose to term it, was God proveth you, to know whether ipso facto, evidence against the diye love the Lord your God with all vine authority of the Bible. But it your heart and with all your soul.” may be observed that this is gratuiBut I bere refer more particalarly to tously said; and moreover, that if we the New Testament. Our Saviour mayonly suppose, the evangelic, is the most solemnly forewarned his follow. true system of religion, we cannot coners on tbis subject. “For there shall ceive how it should be otherwise sta

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