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To give the student an opportunity to turn to account the capital he has acquired in the way of vocabulary, verb forms, and constructions, is the aim of this new text in French. It begins with the simplest exercises and leads on step by step to a point where the student has to express his own thoughts in the foreign tongue.

The book is arranged in two parts. Each lesson in Part I contains a short text from some good writer, which affords exercise in reading and translating ; questions based on the text, designed not only to offer an exercise in conversation but to be an oral preparation for the written résumé or abstract of the text; grammatical questions bearing on the rules applied in the text, forming a practical review of the most important points of French grammar; and exercises in original composition, so arranged as to combine variety and system.

Part II consists of a list of topics to be treated by the student. Each topic is followed by a few suggestions which reduce to a minimum the work of invention and enable the young writer to concentrate his attention on the form.

A double vocabulary and a grammatical appendix complete the book, which is suitable for the work of



the third and fourth years in secondary schools and for the second year's work in colleges.

The authors gratefully acknowledge their obligation to various works from which they have derived useful suggestions. They are especially indebted to · Leçons de langue française par F. F.' (Alfred Mame et fils, Tours), which have afforded valuable material for exercises in Part I.


H. B. G.

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