Syllabaire françois, or, A French spelling book: containing the names and use of the French letters ... to which are ... annexed, short and pleasing essays on reading ... Also an introduction to French grammar, by way of question and answer, illustrated by examples, a vocabulary of the words most generally used in both languages; common forms of speech upon familiar subjects, & c

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E.J. Coale, 1824 - French language - 151 pages

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Page 142 - Numerals and expressions oftime the first the second the third the fourth the fifth the sixth the seventh the eighth the ninth the tenth the eleventh the twelfth the thirteenth the fourteenth the fifteenth the sixteenth the seventeenth the eighteenth...
Page 126 - Days of the week: lundi (Monday), mardi (Tuesday), mercredi (Wednesday), jeudi (Thursday), vendredi (Friday), samedi (Saturday), dimanche (Sunday...
Page 132 - Le père the father La mère the mother Le fils the son La fille the daughter Le frère the brother La sœur the sister...
Page 84 - and what is that?" "Why," replies the Dog, "just to guard the master's house and keep off the thieves at night." "With all my heart ; for at present I have but a sorry time of it. This woodland life, with its frosts and rains, is sharp work for me. To have a warm roof over my head and a bellyful of victuals always at hand will, methinks, be no bad exchange.
Page 103 - Bon, good, makes meilleur, better, le meilleur, the best. Mauvais, bad, pire, worse, le pire, the worst.
Page 120 - I receive. tu reçois, thou receivest. 'il reçoit, he receives. nous recevons, we receive. vous recevez, you receive. ils reçoivent, they receive. Imperfect.
Page 82 - Prens garde que je ne te perce le cou de mon aiguillon. Le Cheval lui répondit froidement ; tes paroles et tes menaces ne me touchent guères ; je ne crains que celui qui conduit, avec un fouet long & fouple, le joug...
Page 121 - I should receive. tu recevrais, thou shouldst receive. il recevrait, he should receive. nous recevrions, we should receive. vous recevriez, you should receive. ils recevraient, they should receive.

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