Boy-princes, or, Scions of royalty cut off in youth

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Page 279 - Mark, child ! what I say : they will cut off my head ! and perhaps make thee a king ; but mark what I say, thou must not be a king as long as thy brothers Charles and James are alive. They will cut off thy brothers' heads, when they can catch them ! And thy head too they will cut off at last ! Therefore, I charge thee, do not be made a king by them...
Page 183 - I wis, all their sport in the park is but a shadow to that pleasure that I find in Plato. Alas ! good folk, they never felt what true pleasure meant.
Page 279 - Mark Child what I say, They will cut off My Head, and perhaps make thee a King: But mark what I say, You must not be a King, so long as your Brothers, Charles and James, do live; For they will cut off your Brothers' Heads (when they can catch them) and cut off thy Head too at the last: and therefore I charge you, do not be made a King by them.
Page 183 - Duchess, with all the household, gentlemen and gentlewomen, were hunting in the park : I found her in her chamber, reading " Phaedon Platonis " in Greek, and that with as much delight as some gentlemen would read a merry tale in Boccace.
Page 134 - the relics of Edward V. King of England, and " Richard Duke of York, who, being confined in " the Tower, and there stifled with pillows, were " privately and meanly buried, by order of their ** perfidious uncle, Richard the Usurper. Their " bones, long inquired after and wished for, after " laying 190 years in the rubbish of the stairs (ie " those lately leading to the chapel of the White " Tower), were, on the 17th of July 1674, by un" doubted proofs, discovered, being buried deep in
Page 280 - ... for the laws and liberties of this land, and for maintaining the true Protestant Religion. He bid me read Bishop Andrews' Sermons, Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity and Bishop Laud's book against Fisher, which would ground me against Popery.
Page 280 - He bid me tell my mother that his thoughts never strayed from her, and that his love should be the same to the last. Withal he commanded me and my brother to be obedient to her, and bid me send his blessing to the rest of my brothers and sisters, with commendation to all his friends.
Page 281 - ... the Lord would settle his throne upon his son, and that we should all be happier than we could have expected to have been if he had lived ; with many other things, which at present I cannot remember.
Page 281 - He charged her to forgive those, people, but never to trust them ; for they had been most false to him, and to those that gave them power, and he feared also to their own souls. He then urged her to read " Bishop Andrews's Sermons," " Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity...
Page 280 - Another Relation from the Lady Elizabeth's own Hand. "What the king said to me, Jan. 29th, 1648, being the last time I had the happiness to see him: He told me, he was glad I was come; and although he had not time to say much, yet somewhat he had to say to me, which he had not to another, or leave in writing, because he feared their cruelty was such as that they would not have permitted him to write to me. He wished me not to grieve and torment myself for him, for that...

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