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IN compiling this selection of extracts I have aimed at variety of subject and style, and a progressive arrangement in point of difficulty. I have not drawn on examination papers, though I have looked to them for my standard.

In the notes I have given meanings and explanations which seemed necessary to a pupil of average knowledge, in order that ignorance of a word should not be a fatal stumbling-block. Where derivations are given, they are intended to fix the meaning on the memory, not to be an exhaustive account of the words. The notes are printed at the end of the text, so that the teacher may, if he wishes, have the translation written without any aid.

I have to thank my colleagues, M. G. Petilleau and Mr. G. G. Robinson, for kind aid and advice.

I also tender my best thanks to M. Clapin för kind correction of the text.

I am largely indebted to the dictionaries of Littré and Brachet, and to Fasnacht's Synthetic French Grammar.

C. H. PARRY. July, 1884.

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