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O. Schwartz, 1874 - English language

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Page 49 - But, there were many angels who did not go with them, and among them one he knew. The patient face that once had lain upon the bed was glorified and radiant, but his heart found out his sister among all the host. His sister's angel lingered near the entrance of the star, and said to the leader among those who had brought the people thither: 'Is my brother come?
Page 19 - The priest then applied a key, turned a creaking lock, and opened what sounded like a ponderous door. They entered, the door was closed and bolted, and the mason was conducted through an echoing corridor, and a spacious hall, to an interior part of the building. Here the bandage was removed from his eyes, and he found himself in a patio, or court, dimly lighted by a single lamp.
Page 50 - From that hour forth, the child looked out upon the star as on the home he was to go to, when his time should come ; and he thought that he did not belong to the earth alone, but to the star too, because of his sister's angel gone before. There was a baby born to be a brother to the child ; and while he was so little that he never yet had spoken a word, he stretched his tiny form out on his bed, and died.
Page 50 - ... Take me!" And she turned and smiled upon him, — and the star was shining. He grew to be a young man, and was busy at his books, when an old servant came to him and said, "Thy mother is no more.
Page 51 - I am here! Take me;" and she turned and smiled upon him. and the star was shining. He grew to be a young man and was busy at his books, when an old servant came to him and said: "Thy mother is no more.
Page 49 - ... the child looked sadly out by himself, and when he saw the star, turned round and said to the patient pale face on the bed, "I see the star!" and then a smile would come upon the face, and a little weak voice used to say, "God bless my brother and the star!
Page 49 - Now, these rays were so bright, and they seemed to make such a shining way from earth to heaven, that when the child went to his solitary bed he dreamed about the star; and dreamed that, lying where he was, he saw a train of people taken up that sparkling road by angels; and the star, opening, showed him a great world of light, where many more such angels waited to receive them. All these angels, who were waiting, turned their beaming...
Page 50 - She was turning hopefully away, when the child stretched out his arms, and cried, " O, sister, I am here ! Take me ! " And then she turned her beaming eyes upon him, — and it was night ; and the star was shining into the room, making long rays down towards him as he saw it through his tears.
Page 50 - A mighty cry of joy went forth through all the star, because the mother was re-united to her two children. And he stretched out his arms and cried, 'O, mother, sister, and brother, I am here! Take me!' And they answered him, 'Not yet,
Page 22 - The offer of the honest mason was gladly accepted; he moved with his family into the house and fulfilled all his engagements. By little and little he restored it to its former state; the clinking of gold was no...

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