Annual Report of the American Institute of the City of New York, Volume 16

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1st-32d 1841-1871/72 issued also as Legislative documents.

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Page 30 - Where through the long-drawn aisle and fretted vault, The pealing anthem swells the note of praise.
Page 424 - In superscribing the two letters, the one for the Church was directed to the tenant, and the one for the tenant to the Church. The Church was convened to hear the advice which was to settle all their disputes. The Moderator read as follows — " You will see to the repair of the fences, that they be built high and strong, and you will take special care of the old black bull.
Page 167 - The centre of gravity is thus lower at either extremity of its motion than at the middle of its vibration ; and, in short, by well-known laws, the cup inclines with a certain uniform degree of force, to remain at either extreme of its motion. The water received from B through the tube represented, accumulates on one = side of F...
Page 451 - The head is out of proportion to the rest of the body, and has a long, sickle-shaped spine on each side of it.
Page 167 - A ratchet wheel on the lowest and quickest shaft is operated by a pawl, which latter is connected to the work inside through the rod, L, which stands loosely enclosed in the interior of K, and is connected firmly to the slide valve J at the point K', Fig. 72. This connection avoids the necessity for a stuffing-box. "When the valve J is in its lowest position, the water in its interior escapes through the aperture K'" and air from the interior of К flows iu through the aperture J to supply its place.
Page 515 - Omnium autem rerum, ex quibus aliquid acquiritur, nihil est agricultura melius, nihil uberius, nihil dulcius, nihil homine libero dignius : de qua, quoniam in "Catone Majore " satis multa diximus, illinc assumes, qua: ad hune locum pertinebunt.
Page 691 - The phosphorescence and the fluorescence of bodies are well known, but I am not aware that any experiments have ever been made on the subject which I am about to describe." Expose to the direct rays of the sun, during a quarter of an hour at least, an engraving which has been kept many days in obscurity, and of which one-half has been covered by an opaque screen; then apply this engraving upon a very sensitive photograph paper, and, after twenty-four hours...
Page 615 - ... rate of ten to twelve words per minute. Two large induction coils, three feet in length, excited by a powerful "Grove" battery of fifty pint cells, but connected for quantity in sets of ten, were used to generate the currents, which were very powerful. From...
Page 615 - Whitehouse, had made some experiments through two thousand miles of wire, connected so as to form a continuous circuit, terminating at both ends in the earth. Intermediate instruments were placed at each loop, to test the thorough action of the electrical waves through the entire length, and signals were clearly defined at a rate of ten to twelve words per minute. Two large induction coils, three feet in length, excited by a powerful "Grove...
Page 155 - N is in like manner protected from dirt, enabling the pump constantly to discharge a large proportion of sand, gravel, &c., without injury to any of its parts. There being no valves in action, (the foot valve remaining open while the pump is in motion, and used only to retain the charge when at rest,) and no wearing parts except the shaft in its bearings, which is perfectly protected from dirt, the friction is much reduced, enabling the pump to run for a considerable time without repairs. The pump,...

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