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Various, that the mind of desultory man, studious of change and pleased with novelty, may be indulged-Cowp

Vol. VI.

Philadelphia, Saturday, July 2, 1808.

For The Port Folio. TRAVELS.


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No. 1.

town of some importance, but as the theatre of the war was speedily removed to a very distant quarter, he says nothing of a place which it would have been so agreeable to us to have had a description of from such a hand: this being the case, you must be satisfied to take a step of nearly five hundred years, when Geneva, which had shared in all the calamities, that assailed the declining age of the Roman empire, became the capital of the Burgundians, and the residence of the great king Gondebaud, who erected walls, which are yet to be traced; built himself a palace, which thirteen hundred years have not destroyed all remains of; and published a code of laws.

It was from Geneva that his niece set out in an ox cart, the gen. teel equipage of those days, to join her husband Clovis, the founder of the French monarchy, whom she had the glory and satisfaction of converting to the Christian faith; he could not however, (this great

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