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Wolfey's adminiftration. --- Scots affairs. Progrefs of

Francis the First. Jealousy of Henry. delivered to France. -Wolfey appointed legate. His manner of exercising that office. Death of the emperor Maximilian. - Charles king of Spain chosen emperor. - Interview between Henry and Francis at Calais. ---- The emperor Charles arrives in England.

Mediation of Henry. Trial and condemnation of the duke of Buckingham.

P. I

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Digression concerning the ecclefiaftical flate.- Origin of

the reformation. Martin Luther. Henry receives the title of Defender of the Faith. --Causes of the progress of the reformation. -War with France. Invasion of France. --War with Scotland. ----A Parliament. Invasion of France.

Italian wars. The king of France invades Italy. ------ Battle of Pavia and captivity of Francis. Francis recovers his liberty. Sack of Rome. - League with France. p. 26

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Scruples concerning the king's marriage. --The king enters into thefe fcruples. - Anne Boleyn.

- Henry Vol. IV


applies to the pope for a divorce. ----The pope

favourable. --The emperor threatens him. --The pope's ambiguous conduct..

- The cause evoked to Rome. --Wolfey's fall. - Commencement of the reformation in England.

Foreign affairs.--Wolfey's death. -- A parliment.

Progress of the reformation. ment. King's final breach with Rome. A parli

P. 67

A parlia.


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of Sir

Religious principles of the people of the King of the ministers Farther progress of the reformation

Sir Thomas More --The maid of Kent Trial and execution of Fisher bishop of Rochester Thomas Mare --- King excommunicated -- Death of queen Catherine ------ Suppression of the lesser monasteries

A Parliament A convocation Translation of the bible- Disgrace of queen Anne -- Her trial

and execution A Parliament A convocatia

Discontents among the people Insurrection Birth of prince Edward and death of queen Jane

Suppression of the greater monasteries Gardinal Pole.


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Disputation with Lambert - A Parliament -- Law of the fix articles -- Proclamations made equal to laws

Settlement of the succesion --King's projects of marriage -- He marries Anne of Cleves---He dislikes her - - A Parliament Fall of Cromwel His execution -- King's divorce from Anne of Cleves

His marriage with Catherine Howard - State of affairs in Scotland - Discovery of the queen's disolute life- -- A Parliament -- Ecclefiaftical affairs.

p. 164


War with Scotland. - Victory at Solway. Death of

James the fifth. Treaty with Scotland. New rupture. Rupture with France. A Parliament. ** Affairs of Scotland.

A Parliament. Cama



C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

Ν paign in France. A Parliament. Peace with France and Scotland Persecutions. Execution of the earl of Surrey.

Attainder of the duke of Nora folk. Death of the king.

His character. His laws.

P. 197

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State of the regency.

Innovations in the regency. Somerset protector. Reformation compleated. Gardiner's opposition. - Foreign affairs. - Progress of the reformation in Scotland. Afassination of cardinal Beaton. - Conduct of the war with Scotland.

- Battle of Pinkey: -- A parliament. --- Farther progress of the reformation. Affairs of Scotland,

Young queen of Scots sent into France. - Cabals of lord Seymour. Dudley earl of Warwic. parliament. Attainder of lord Seymour. --- His execution. Ecclefiaftical affairs.

P. 244

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Discontents of the people Insurrections

Conduct of the war with Scotland with France, Factions in the council. ---Conspiracy against Somerset. --Somerset reßgns the protectorship. --A parliament. Peace with France and Scotland. Boulogne surrendered. -- Persecution of Gardiner. Warwic created duke of Northumberland. - His ambition. Trial of Somerset. --- His execution. --- A parliament. A new parliament. Succession changed. The king's fickness and death,

p. 208

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Lady Jane Gray proclaimed queen. Deserted by the people

. The queen proclaimed and acknowledged. Northumberland executed. - Catholic religion restored.

A parliament. Deliberations with regard to

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