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The sages


The parties met. The wily, wordy Greek, 508.
The Pope he was saying the high, high mass, 17.
The rose is fairest when 't is budding new, 181.
The sacred tapers' lights are gone, 497.

for authority, pray, look, 473.
The sound of Rokeby's woods I hear, 269.
The storm increases 't is no sunny shower, 507.
The sun is rising dimly red, 460.
The sun upon the lake is low, 484.
The sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill, 437.
The tears I shed must ever fall, 505.
The violet in her greenwood bower, 8.
The way is long, my children, long and rough -

The way was long, the wind was cold, 46.
The Wildgrave winds his bugle-horn, 5.
The wisest sovereigps err like private men, 499.
There are times, 506.
There came three merry men from south, west,

and north, 452.
There is a mood of mind we all have known, 370.
There is mist on the mountain, and night on

the vale, 416.
There must be government in all society - 504.
There's a bloodhound ranging Tinwald wood,

There's something in that ancient superstition,

These be the adept's doctrines - every element,
These were wild times — the antipodes of ours,

They bid me sleep, they bid me pray, 187.
Things needful we have thought on; but the

thing, 500.
This is a gentle trader and a prudent, 499.
This is a lecturer so skilled in policy, 503.
This is a love meeting? See the maiden mourns,

This is he Who rides on the court-gale, 498.
This is rare news thou tell'st me, my good fel-

low, 498.
This is some creature of the elements, 502.
This is the day when the fairy kind, 456.
This is the Prince of Leeches ; fever, plague,

This is the time – Heaven's maiden sentinel,

This is the very barn-yard, 500.
This, sir, is one among the Seigniory, 500.
This superb successor, 507.
This wandering race, severed from other men,

This was the entry, then these stairs — but

whither after ? 495.
This way lie safety and a sure retreat, 501.
Those evening clouds, that setting ray, 491.
Thou hast each secret of the household, Fran-

cis, 497.
Thou so needful, yet so dread, 465.
Thou who seek'st my fountain lone, 458.
Though right be aft put down by strength, 418.
Thrice to the holly brake, 455.
Through the vain webs, which puzzle sophists'

skill, 507.
Thy craven fear my truth accused, 455.
Thy hue, dear pledge, is pure and bright, 430.

Thy time is not yet out the devil thou sery-

est, 503.
'Tis a weary life this — 497.
'Tis not alone the scene - the man, Anselmo,

'Tis not her sense - for sure, in that, 505.
'Tis strange that in the dark sulphureous mine,

'Tis sweet to hear expiring Summer's sigh, 405.
'T is the black ban-dog of our jail — pray look

on him, 502.
'Tis when the wound is stiffening with the cold,

To horse! to horse! the standard flies, 9.
To man in this his trial state, 494.
To the Lords of Convention 't was Claver’se who

spoke, 485.
To youth, to age, alike, this tablet pale, 484.
Toll, toll the bell ! 507.
Too much rest is rust, 504.
Traquair has ridden up Chapel-hope, 31.
True-love, an thou be true, 494.
True Thomas lay on Huntlie bank, 33.
Trust me, each state must have its policies, 495.
'Twas a Maréchal of France, and he fain would

honor gain, 408.
'Twas All-souls' eve, and Surrey's heart beat

high, 77.
’T was near the fair city of Benevent, 478.
T was time and griefs, 493.
'T was when among our linden-trees, 442.
Twist ye, twine ye ! even so, 425.
Upon the Rhine, upon the Rhine they cluster,

Up rose the sun o'er moor and mead, 482.
Vain man, thou mayst esteem thy love as fair,

Viewless Essence, thin and bare, 482.
Wake, Maid of Lorn! the moments fly, 315.
Waken, lords and ladies gay, 403.
Want you a man, 507.
Wasted, weary, wherefore stay, 425.
We are bound to drive the bullocks, 418.
We are not worse at once — the course of evil,

We do that in our zeal, 506.
We know not when we sleep nor when we wake,

We 'll keep our customs — what is law itself,

We love the shrill trumpet, we love the drum's

rattle, 485.
We meet, as men see phantoms in a dream, 502.
Welcome, grave stranger, to our green retreats,

Well, then, our course is chosen ; spread the

sail - 498.
Well, well, at worst, 't is neither theft nor coir

age, 493.

Were ever such two loving friends ! 506.
Were every hair upon his head a life, 505.
What brave chief shall head the forces, 478.
What! dazzled by a flash of Cupid's mirror,


What did ye wi' the bridal ring, 441.
What ho, my jovial mates! come on! we'll

frolic it, 499.
What makes the troopers' frozen courage mus-

ter, 11.
What, man, ne'er lack a draught when the full

can, 498.

What sheeted ghost is wandering through the

storm, 504.
Wheel the wild dance, 422.
When autumn nights were long and drear, 495.
When beauty leads the lion in her toils, 505.
When friends are met o’er merry cheer, 486.
When fruitful Clydesdale's apple bowers, 22.
When Israel of the Lord beloved, 451.
When princely Hamilton's abode, 26.
When Princes meet, astrologers may mark it,

When the fight of grace is fought, 441.
When the gledd's in the blue cloud, 440.
When the heathen trumpet's clang, 438.
When the last Laird of Ravenswood to Ravens-

wood shall ride, 448.
When the lone pilgrim views afar, 436.
When the tempest 's at the loudest, 485.
When we two meet, we meet like rushing tor-

rents, 506.
Whence the brooch of burning gold, 322.
Where corpse-light, 465.
Where is he? Has the deep earth swallowed

him ? 508.
Where shall the lover rest, 110.
Wherefore come ye not to court, 500.
Whet the bright steel, 451.
While the dawn on the mountain was misty and
Who is he? One that for the lack of land, 492.

Why, now I have Dame Fortune by the fore-

lock, 494.
Why sit'st thou by that ruined hall, 429.
Why, then, we will have bellowing of beeves,

* Why weep ye by the tide, ladie ? ' 426.
Widowed wife and wedded maid, 477.
With my curtch on my foot, and my shoe on

my hand, 441.
Within that awful volume lies, 455.
Without a ruin, broken, tangled, cumbrous,

“Woe to the vanquished !' was stern Brenno's

word, 494.
Woman's faith, and woman's trust, 476.
Yes! I love Justice well - as well as you do

Yes, it is she whose eyes looked on thy child.

hood, 498.
Yes, life hath left him -every busy thought,

Yes, thou mayst sigh, 482.
Yon path of greensward, 505.
You call it an ill angel - it may be so, 496.
You call this education, do you not, 496.
You have summoned me once, you have sum-

moned me twice, 458.
You shall have no worse prison than my cham-

ber, 502.
You talk of Gayety and Innocence, 505.
Young men will love thee more fair and more

fast, 415.
Your suppliant, by name, 468.
Youth of the dark eye, wherefore didst thon

call me? 455.
Youth! thou wear'st to manhood now, 497.

gray, 268.

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[The Titles of Major Works and General Divisions are set in SMALL CAPITALS]

ABBOT, Tue, mottoes from, 497.

Admire not that I gained,' 485.
Albert Græme's Song, 76.
Alexandre, M., the celebrated Ventriloquist,

Lines addressed to, 474.
Alice Brand, 184.
Allen-a-Dale, 254.
· An hour with thee,' 480.
Ancient Gaelic Melody, 448.
And did ye not hear of a mirth befell,' 413.
Anne of Geierstein, verses from, 483 ; mottoes

from, 506.
Answer to Introductory Epistle, 453.
Antiquary, The, verses from, 429; mottoes

from, 492.
Appeal, The, Epilogue to, 439.
As lords their laborers' hire delay,' 474.
Avenel, Mary, To, 458.
Ballads :

Alice Brand, 184.
• And whither would you lead me then,' 270.
Battle of Sempach, The, 442.
Bothwell Castle, 22.
Cadyow Castle, 26.
Castle of the Seven Shields, The, 388.
Christie's Will, 30.
Erl-King, The, 8.
Eve of St. John, The, 14.
Fire-King, The, 19.
Frederick and Alice, 25.
Glenfinlas, 11.
Gray Brother, The, 17.
Noble Moringer, The, 444.
Reiver's Wedding, The, 29.
Shepherd's Tale, The, 23.
The herring loves the merry moon-light,'

Thomas the Rhymer, 32.
Wild Huntsman, The, 5.

William and Helen, 1.

Two, 1.
Bannatyne Club, The, 471.
Bard's Incantation, The, 37.
Barefooted Friar, The, 450.
Battle of Beal' an Duine, 203,
Battle of Sempach, The, 442.
Betrothed, The, songs from, 476; mottoes from,

Black Dwarf, The, mottoes from, 493.
Black Knight and Wamba, The, 452.
Bloody Vest, The, 478.

Boat Song, 168.
Bold Dragoon, The, 408.
Bonny Dundee, 485.
Border Song, 453.
Bothwell Castle, 22.
Bride of Lammermoor, The, songs from, 448;

mottoes from, 494.
Brooch of Lorn, The, 322.
Bryce Snailsfoot's Advertisement, 467.
Buccleuch, Duke of, To his Grace the, 411.

OF, 1.
'But follow, follow me,' 418.
* By pathless march, by greenwood tree,' 480..
Cadyow Castle, 26.

Canny moment, lucky fit,' 424.
• Carle, now the king 's come,' 469.
Castle Dangerous, mottoes from, 508.
Castle of the Seven Shields, The, 388.
Catch of Cowley's altered, A, 473.
Cavalier, The, 268.
Cheviot, 25.
Christie's Will, 30.
Chronicles of the Canon-Gate, verses from

481; mottoes from, 506.
Cleveland's Songs, 464,
Coronach, 177.
Coronach, Lord Ronald's, 11.
Count Robert of Paris, mottoes from, 507.
County Guy, 472.
Crusader's Return, The, 449.
Cypress Wreath, The, 266.
Dance of Death, The, 421.
• Dark Ahriman, whom Irak still,' 477.
Dark shall be light,' 425.
Dead, Hymn for the, 80.
Death Chant, 481.
Death of Don Pedro, The, 487.
Death of Keeldar, The, 482.
De Wilton's History, 141.
‘Donald Caird's Come Again,' 440.
Doom of Devorgoil, Songs from the, 484,
Dying Bard, The, 399.
Edward the Black Prince, To the Memory of,

Epilogue ("The sages — for authority, pray,
look '), 473.

Epilogue to The Appeal,' 439.
Epilogue to the Drama founded on ‘Saint Ro-

nan's Well,' 472.
Epitaph designed for a monument in Lichfield

Cathedral, 405.
Epitaph (Heir lyeth John o'ye Girnell '), 429.
Epitaph on Balfour of Burley, 430.
Epitaph on Mrs. Erskine, 447.
Erl-King, The, 8.
Eve of St. John, The, 14.
Fair Maid of Perth, The, verses from, 481 ;

mottoes from, 506.
* Family Legend, The,' Prologue to, 405.
Farewell, The, 269.
Farewell to Mackenzie, 419.
Farewell to the Muse, 467.
Fire-King, The, 19.
Fishermen's Song, The, 463.
Fitztraver's Song, 77.
Flora MacIvor's Song, 416.
*For a' That an'a' That,' 418.
Foray, The, 484.
Fording the River, 453.
Fortune, Lines on, 487.
Fortunes of Nigel, The, lines from, 468; mot-

toes from, 500.
Frederick and Alice, 25.
From Virgil, a translation, 491.
Funeral Hymn, 453.

Gaelic Melody, Ancient, 448.
Glee for King Charles, 480.
Glee-Maiden, Song of the, 482.
Glencoe, On the Massacre of, 409.
Glendinning, Edward, To, 458.
Glenfinlas, 11.
Goetz von Berlichingen, Song from, 9.
Goldthred's Song, 459.
Gray Brother, The, 17.
Guy Mannering, songs from, 424.
Halbert, To, 455, 456.
Halbert's Incantation, 455.
Halcro and Norna, 462.
Halcro's Song, 460.
Halcro's Verses, 464.
Harold's Song, 78.
Harold Harfager's Song, 460.
Harp, The, 267.
* He came, but valor had so fired his eye,' 429.
Health to Lord Melville, 402.
Heart of Midlothian, The, songs from, 440 ;

mottoes from, 194.
Hellvellyn, 37.
Hie away, hie away,' 414.
Hither we come,' 487.
Host's Tale, The, 112.
'Hour with Thee, An,' 480.
House of Aspen, The,' songs from, 10.
Hunting Song, 403.

Funeral, 453.
for the Dead, 80.
Rebecca's, 451.

Hymn to the Virgin, 180.
'I asked of my harp,' 476.
Imitation (of the Farewell to Mackenzie)

Imprisoned Huntsman, Lay of the, 206.
Inscription for the Monument of the Rev.

George Scott, 484.
Invocation, 380.

It chanced that Cupid on a season,' 423.
It's up Glembarchan's braes I gaed,' 414.
Ivanhoe, verses from, 449; mottoes from, 497
Jock of Hazeldean, 426.
Kenilworth, song from, 459; mottoes from,

Kemble's, Mr., Farewell Address, 436.
Lady, To a, 8.
Lament, 205.
"Late, when the autumn evening fell,' 414.
Lay of Poor Louise, The, 481.
Lay of the Imprisoned Huntsman, 206.
Legend of Montrose, A, songs from, 448;

mottoes from, 494.
Letter in Verse, 410.
Lines : addressed to M. Alexandre the cele-

brated ventriloquist, 474; addressed to Ra
nald Macdonald, Esq., of Staffa, 410; om
Fortune, 487; to Sir Cuthbert Sharp, 480;

written for Miss Smith, 436.
Lochinvar, 130.
Lockhart, Esq., J. G., To, 474.
Look not thou on beauty's charming,' 448.
Lord Ronald's Coronach, 11.
Lullaby of an Infant Chief, 425.
Lyulph's Tale, 290.
Macdonald, Ronald, Esq., of Staffa, Lines ad.

dressed to, 410.

Gathering, 428.
Mackenzie, Farewell to, 419.
Mackrimmon's Lament, 439.
Madge Wildfire's Songs, 440.
Maid of Isla, The, 467.
Maid of Neidpath, The, 401.
Maid of Toro, The, 400.
Massacre of Glencoe, On the, 409.
Melville, Lord, Health to, 402.
Mermaids and 'Mermen, Song of the, 461.
Monastery, The, verses from, mottoes

from, 495.
Monks of Bangor's March, The, 438.
Moon, Song to the, 239.
Mortham's History, 259.
Nigel's Initiation at Whitefriars, 468.
Noble Moringer, The, 444.
Nora's Vow, 427.




Norman Horse-Shoe, The, 399.

Norman saw on English Oak,' 450.
Norna's Incantations, 465. The same, at the

meeting with Minna, 465.
Norna's Verses, 461.
Oak Tree, To an, 417.
Old Mortality, verses from, 430; mottoes from,

On a Thunder-Storm, 491.
On Ettrick Forest's Mountains Dun, 467.
On the Massacre of Glencoe, 409.
On the Setting Sun, 491.
Orphan Maid, The, 449.
Palmer, The, 400.
Peveril of the Peak, mottoes from, 502.
Pharos Loquitur, 410.
Pibroch of Donald Dhu, 427.
Pirate, The, verses from, 459; mottoes from,

Poacher, The, 406.
Postscriptum, 412.
Prologue to Miss Baillie's Play of 'The Famiły

Legend,' 405.
Quentin Durward, mottoes from, 503.
Quest of Sultaun Solimaun, The, 431.

Rebecca's Hymn, 451.
Redgauntlet, verses from, 473.
Reiver's Wedding, The, 29.
Resolve, The, 404.
Return to Ulster, The, 425.
Rhein-Wein Lied, 11.
Rob Roy, song from, 438; mottoes from, 493.
ROKEBY, 226.
Romance of Dunois, 423.

Bonny Dundee, 485.
Border Song, 453.
Brooch of Lorn, The, 322.
‘But follow, follow me,' 418.
Canny moment, lucky fit,' 424.
Catch of Cowley's altered, A, 473.
Cavalier, The, 268.
Cleveland's, 464.
Coronach, 177.
County Guy, 472.
Cypress Wreath, The, 266.
Dark shall be light,' 425.
Donald Caird 's Come Again,' 440.
Doom of Devorgoil, the, Songs from, 484.
Farewell, The, 269.
Farewell to Mackenzie, 419.
Fishermen's, The, 463.
Fitztraver's, 77.
Flora MacIvor's, 416.
• For a' That an' a' That,' 418.
For the Anniversary of the Pitt Club of

Scotland, 409.
Glee for King Charles, 480.
Glee-Maiden's, 482.
"God protect brave Alexander,' 428.
Goetz von Berlichingen, from, 9.
Goldthred's, 459.
Halcro's, 460.
Harold's, 78.
Harold Harfager's, 460.
Harp, The, 267.
Hawk and osprey screamed for joy,' 382.
Health to Lord Melville, 402.
' Hie away, hie away,' 414.

Highland Widow, The,' from, 481.
· Hither we come,' 487.
' House of Aspen,' Songs from the, 10.
Hunting Song, 403.
*I asked of my harp, 476.
Ill fares the bark with tackle riven,' 383.
'It's up Glembarchan's braes I gaed,' 414.
'Joy to the victors, the sons of old Aspen,'

Lament, 205.
Lament, Mackrimmon's, 439.
Lay of Poor Louise, The, 481.
Lay of the imprisoned huntsman, 206.
Lochinvar, Lady Heron's Song, 130.

Look not thou on beauty's charming,' 448,
'Lord William was born in gilded bower,'

Lullaby of an Infant Chief, 425,
Macgregor's Gathering, 428.
Madge Wildfire's, 440.
Maid of Isla, The, 467.
Maid of Neidpath, The, 401.
Maid of Toro, The, 400.
Mermaids and Mermen, of the, 461.
Monks of Bangor's March, The, 438.
Moon, To the, 239.
Nora's Vow, 427.
Not faster yonder rowers' might,' 164.
0, Brignali banks are wild and fair,' 250.
• O'for the voice of that wild horn,' 438.
"O, say not, my love, with that mortified,

air,' 404.
Old Song, 481


Saint Cloud, 420.
Saint Ronan's Well, mottoes from, 504.
St. Swithin's Chair, 415.
Scott, Rev. George, Inscription for the Monu-

ment of, 484.
Search after Happiness, The, 431.
Secret Tribunal, The, 483.
Sempach, The Battle of, 442.
Setting Sun, On the, 491.
Sharp, Sir Cuthbert, Lines to, 480.
Shepherd's Tale, The, 23.
Sir David Lindesay's Tale, 120.
Smith, Miss, Lines written for, 436.
Soldier, wake!' 476.
Soldier's Song, 200.
“Son of a Witch,' 480.

A weary lot is thine, fair maid,' 253.
* Admire not that I gained the prize,' 485.
Albert Græme's, 76.
Allen-a-Dale, 254.
Ancient Gaelic Melody, 448.
And did ye not hear of a mirth befell,'

Battle of Beal' an Duine, 203.
Black Knight ana Wamba, The, 452.
Boat Sor

Bold Dragoon, The, 408.

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