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Acton, Lord, and his Obiter Dicta on History...Oliver H. Richardson 129
American Poetry, The Philosophy of .......

Carl Holliday 86
American Stage, A Glance at the, and “ Semiramis and Other Plays”
(Mrs. Olive Tilford Dargan's “Semiramis and Other Plays")

Edwin Wiley 292
Arth urian Romance in Mediæval France, The Development of

J. Douglas Bruce 319

Beauty, The Utility of ....

William Norman Guthrie 143

Binyon, Mr. Laurence, The Poetry of .

Cornelius Weygandt 279

Black Belt Village, The Servant Problem in a.. Walter L. Fleming

Boswell, A Brief for....

Joshua W. Caldwell 336

Burns, The Influence of Fergusson on.

Willard L. Myers 61

"Children of Nature" in Fiction....

. . Joakim Reinhard 18

City, Great, Can the Ideal College Live in a, William Cranston Lawton 257

Cockburn, Mrs. Alison, The Life and Work of ....... Winifred Snow 71

College, Can the Ideal, Live in a Great City, William Cranston Lawton 257

Cooke, John Esten, as a Novelist.......

Carl Holliday 216

Cowper, The Letters of Gray, Walpole and...

.Reed Moyer 367

Dante's White Rose of Paradise..

. Robert Afton Holland 385

Drama. See "American Stage, A Glance at the, and 'Semiramis and

Other Plays;"” “Hamlet's Mouse-trap;" " Hernani,' Victor Hugo's,

The Characters in;" "Ibsen as a Dramatist;" "Schiller's Life, The

Message in;" "Shakespeare as a Hero."

Dramatist, Ibsen as a......

Frederick W. Roe 305

Dudley, Thomas Underwood: an Appreciation

William Porcher Du Bose

Fergusson, The Influence of, on Burns.

Willard L. Myers 61

Fiction, “Children of Nature" in......

Joakim Reinhard 18

Fiction : See “Arthurian Romance in Mediæval France;" “Cooke, John

Esten, as a Novelist;” “Stories of the Old Testament."
France, Mediæval, The Development of Arthurian Romance in

J. Douglas Bruce 319

Gray, Walpole and Cowper, The Letters of........ ...Reed Moyer 367

Hamlet's Mouse-trap.......

.Henry Thew Stephenson 30

“Hernani,” Victor Hugo's, The Characters in.. James D. Bruner 444

Hernani, Victor Hugo's, The Character of .... James D. Bruner 209

Herrick. See "Seventeenth Century Singer, A.”

History, Lord Acton and his Obiter Dicta on...Oliver H. Richardson 129

Hugo's, Victor, “Hernani,” The Characters in... James D. Bruner 444

Hugo's, Victor, Hernani, The Character of.. ..James D. Bruner 209

Ibsen as a Dramatist....

Frederick W. Roe 305

Ibsen's Youth, More Light on

Daniel Kilham Dodge 409

Idealism in the Industrial South Perish? Should, St. George L. Sioussat 401

Letters of Gray, Walpole and Cowper, The.....

Reed Moyer 367

Letter-writing and Some Letter-writers....

Huger Jervey 352




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Liddon, Henry Parry (J. O. Johnston's “Life of Liddon")

Arthur R. Gray 372
Longfellow Redivivus:
Longfellow After Twenty Years.

.Edwin W. Bowen 165
Longfellow, The Poetry of.....

.R. B. Steele 177

Novelist, John Esten Cooke as a..

Carl Holliday 216

Old Testament, The Stories of the.

George Downing Sparks 156

Paradise, Dante's White Rose of.

Robert Afton Holland 385

Philosophy of American Poetry, The..

... Carl Holliday 86

Philosophy of Herbert Spencer, The....

William S. Bishop 35

Poetic Theories and Practice, Swinburne's... Ernest Godfrey Hoffsten 54

Poetry. See “Burns," "Cockburn, Mrs. Alison,” “Dante,” “Fergus-

son," "Herrick,” “Hugo, Victor," "Ibsen,” “Schiller," "Shakes-

peare," "Swinburne.”

Poetry, American, The Philosophy of.

Carl Holliday 86

Poetry of Longfellow, The......

R. B. Steele 177

Poetry of Mr. Laurence Binyon, The..... Cornelius Weygandt 279

Reminiscences of Four Southern Women, The: Myrta Lockett

Avary's "A Virginia Girl in the Civil War;" “A Belle of the Fifties,
Being the Memoirs of Mrs. Clay of Alabama," by Ada Sterling ;
Mrs. Roger A. Pryor's “Reminiscences of Peace and War;” Mrs.
Mary Boykin Chestnut's "A Dairy from Dixie," edited by Myrta

Lockett Avary and Isabel Martin ...... ... Celina E. Means 475

Romance in Mediæval France, The Development of Arthurian

J. Douglas Bruce 319

Schiller's, Friedrich, Life, The Message in.......Glen Levin Swiggett 413

“Semiramis and Other Plays,” A Glance at the American Stage and
(Mrs. Olive Tilford Dargan's "Semiramis and Other Plays”)

Edwin Wiley 292
Servant Problem in a Black Belt Village, The...... Walter L. Fleming
Seventeenth Century Singer, A (Robert Herrick).... Charlotte Newell 198
Sewanee. See “University, The Romance and Genius of a.”
Shakespeare. See “Hamlet's Mouse-trap."
Shakespeare as a Hero! (Richard Garnett's “William Shakespeare :
Pedagogue and Poacher")..

J. D. Rodeffer 221

Shakespeare's Sonnets, Foreign Influence on.

David Klein 454

Sonnets, Foreign Influence on Shakespeare's.

..David Klein 454

South, Should Idealism Perish in the Industrial? St. George L. Sioussat 401

South, The University of the. See “University, The Romance and

Genius of a."

Southern Women. See "Reminiscences of Four Southern Women."

Spencer, Herbert, The Philosophy of..

William S. Bishop 35

Stories of the Old Testament, The..... George Downing Sparks 156

Swinburne's Poetic Theories and Practice.... Ernest Godfrey Hoffsten

University, The Romance and Genius of a (George R. Fairbanks'"His-

tory of the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee," and

Arthur Howard Noll's “Doctor (Charles Todd] Quintard, Chap-

lain C. S. A., and Second Bishop of Tennessee")

William Porcher DuBose 496

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