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Words which are alke in French and English, such as Paris, nation, justice.

are suppressed as unnecessary.]



or a, (with a greve accent,) Absolument, adv. quite. prep. to, ut, in.

Absorbé, part. absorbed ; deep. a, Cra, (wilhout any accent,) third Abusait, imp. took advantage.

person, prosent indicative, of tho Académicien, s. m. academician verb avoir, has.

Académie, s. f. academy. Abandonnai, pret. gave up. Acajou, s. m. mahogany. Abandonne, pres. ind. abandons. Accable (dont on m'), with which s'Abattii, pret. olighted.

I am loaded.
Abattre, v. a. to pull down. Accablée, oppressed, sinking.
Abattu, adj. dejected, aflicted ; Acceptai, pret. accepted.
broken down.

Accessoires, s. m. pl. appendages.
Abbaye, s. f. abbey. [siastic. Accompagner, v. a. to accompany
Abbé, s. m. in "abbé,an eccle- d’Accord (sont), agree.
Abcès, 8. m abscess, tumor. s'Accorda, pret. coincided.
Abime, 8. m. abyss.

Accorder, v. a. to grant. Aboie, pres. ind. barks.

Accourent, pres. ind. run up. Abondance, s. f. abundance. Accourir, v. n. to run up. Abondant, o, adj. abundant. Accoutumer, v. a. to accustom. Abonder, v. n. to abound.

s'Accroche, pres. catches hold. d'Abord, udv. ut first, first; at Accroire (fait), persuaded. Abordag, 9. m.. bourding. [once. Accroître, v. to augment, increase. Abordai, pret landed.

Accueil, 8. m. welcome. Abordnit, imp. cirrived

Accueillir, v. a. to welcome ; receita Aborcanes, jrei. touched landed Accusateur, s. m. accuser. Abordó, part. accosted.

Accuser, v. a. to accuse. abnrdor, v. 11. to lanıl.

Achalandée (peu), of little extenil Aborderunt, pret landed

of business. Aboutissaient, imp. met.

Acharné, e, adj. enraged, furious. Abrégé, s. M. nüriilgment Acharnemeut, 8. m. rugc; unimos. Ahsinthe, s. f. worinwood. s’Achemina, pret. walked [ily

un'Acheminai, pret. went.

Ainsi, adv. thus, so. Acheter, v. a. to buy; to purchase. que, as well as. s'Achève, should be finished. Air, s. m. air; tune; sky. Achever, v. a. to finish, to com- | Ais, s. m. board. [uneasy Acquérir, v. a. to acquire. [plete. Aise, glad; ease – Mal à son aise Acquiescé, part. acquiesced.

Aisé, adj. easy. Acquis, acquit, acquired.

Aisé (peu), of no great property. s’Acquitta, pret. performed. Aisément, adv. easily. Acquitter, v. a. to acquit.

Ait, from avoir, to have. Adjugea, pret. adjudged, awarded. Ajouter, v. a. to add. Admirer, v. a. to admire.

Ajustement, s. m. attire. Admis, part. admitted.

Ajuster. v. a. to adjust Adoptèrent, pret. adopted. Alarma, pret. alarmed. Adorer, v. a. to adore, worship. s’Alarma de, took the alarm at. Adoucir, v. a. to soften.

s’Alarment, pres are alarmed. s’Adresser, v. r. to address oneself, Algèbre, s. f. alge. ra. (away to apply.

[tagonist. Alla, allai, went. S'en alla, went Adversaire, s. m. adversary, an- Allaient, imp. were going ; went. Affaiblis, part. softened.

Allais, allait, was going; was Affaire, s. f. business, affair ; en- about to. gageinent.

Allâmes, pret. of aller, went. Affamé, adj. starved, famished. Allé, part. past, gone. n'Affectait rien, was free from af- Allée, s. f. walk. fectation.

Alléché, allured, attracted. Affecté, part. affected, moved. Allégorie, s. f. allegory. Affecterai, fut. I shall affect, put Alléguer, v. a. to allege, quote.

Allemagne, s. f. Germany. Affermis, pres. ind. strengthen. Allemand, s. and adj. Gcrman. Affinité, s. f. affinity, resemblance. Aller, to go. S'en aller, to go away Afligé, part. afflicted, grieved. Allions, imp. were going. Affreux, adj. dreadful, frightful. Allons, come; let us go. Affublé, part. muffled up.

Allumer, v. a. to light; to kindle Affût (à l'), on the watch. Almanach, s. m. almanac. P. 99 Afin de, prep. to, in order to. Aloès, s. m. aloes. [a directory que, that, in order that.

Alongeant, p. pres. reaching out. Agé, adj. aged, old.

Alors, adv. then, at that time
Agir, v. n. to act.

Altesse, s. f. Highness.
Agitées, part. past, agitated. Amandes, s. f. pl. almonds.
Agréments, s. m. pl. comforts. Amant, s. m. lover.
Agreste, adj. rural.

Amasser, v. a. to amass.
Ai, pres. of avoir, have.

Amateur, s. m. amateur, lover. Aidé, part. with the assistance. Ambassade, s. f. embassy. Aigle, s. eagle.

Ambassadeur, s. m. ambassador Ailé, adj. winged.

Ame, s. f. soul; mind. Ailes, s. f. pl. wings. (besides. Amélioré, part. improved. Ailleurs, adv. elsewhere. D'ailleurs, Amende, s. f. fine. Aimable (figure,) agreeable person. Amener, v. a. to bring. Aimer, v. a to love, to like. Amènerais, cond. would bring. Aluó, ainée, adj eldest.

Amèrement, adv. bitterly.

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Amérique, s. f. America.

Apprêter, v. a. to prepare. Ami, amie, friend.

Apprirent, pret. learned. Amitié, s. f. friendship, intimacy. Appris, e, part. past, learned s’Amortir, v. r. to abate, alloy. Appri-, learned; inforined; heard Amour, 8. m. love ; Cupid. Apprivoiser, v. a. to tame. Amour-propre, & m. self-love ; s'Approcha, pret. approached. Amoureux, adj. fond. (spirit. Approche, s. f. approach. Amuser, v. a. to amuse, entertain. | Approcher, v. a. to approach. An, s. m. year.

Approuva, pret. approved. Aucêtres, s. m. pl. ancestors. Appui (à l'), in confirmation. Ancien, adj. ancient.

s'Appuyait, imp. was leaning. Ane, s. m. ass.

Appuyé, leaning.
Anéantir, v. a. to annihilate. Après, prep. after.
Ange, s. m. angel; beauty. Aqueducs, s m. pl. aqueducts.
Anglais, s. and adj. English. Arabe, Arabic; Arabian.
Angleterre, s. f. England. Araignée (toiles d'), cobwebs.
Animaux, animals.

Arbre, s. m. tree.
Année, s. f. year.

à pain, bread-tree. Annoncer, v. a. to announce. Ardent, adj. burning. Anthropophage, s. m. cannibal. Arène, s. f. arena. Antichambre, s. f. antechamber. Argent, 8. m. silver; money. Anticipais, imp. was anticipating. Aristophane, Aristophanes. (A celAntoine, s. m. Anthony.

ebrated Greek actor and comic Août, s. m. August; harvest. poel, wo flourished about 400 Apaiser, v. a. to appease.

years before the Christian éra.) Apercevant, part. pres. perceiving. Arme, s. f. urm. Apercevoir, v. a. to perceive. Armé, armés, part. armed. Aperçu, part. past, perceived. Armée, s. f. army. Aperçut, pret. perceived, descried. Armoiries, s. f. coat of arms. Aplani, e, part. settled.

Armorié, having a coat of arms. Apôtre, s. m. apostle.

Armure, s. f. armor. Apparaissent, pres. uppear.

Arpent, s. m. acre. Appareil, s. m. display; pomp.

Arpenter, v. a. to pace. Apparence, s. f. appearance.

s'Arracha, pret. tore. Appartenir, v. n. to belong. Arracher, to pull off ; tear from. s’Appauvrit, pret. empoverished. s'Arrangent, are settled. Appel, s. m. appeal.

Arrêt, s. m. decision.-Mirent la Appeler, v. a. to call.

lance en arrêt, couched the lurice s'Appelle, pres. is called.

s'Arrêta, s'arrêtait, stopped. Appliquer, v. a. to apply

Arrêter, v. a. to stop; arrest.
Appointements, s. m. pl. salary. Arrivée, s. f. arrival.
Apportait, imp. brought.

Arriver, v. n. to arrive ; happen.
Apporté, e, part. past, brought. Arrosa, pret. watered.
Apporter, v. a. to bring.

Arrosé, e, sprinkled ; drenched. Apprécier, to judge; appreciate. Article (sur l'), in point. Apprenait, imp. learned.

Artiste, s. m. artist.
Apprendre, v. a. to learn; teach. Artistement, adv. ingeniously.
Apprenez, imper. learn. ship. Asie, s. f. Asia.
Approntissage, s. m. apprentice. Assailli, part. assailed.


Assaillirent, pret. attacked. Attristé, part. grieved, afflicted.
Assassiner, v. a. to murder Au, to the, at the, in the
Assaut, s. m. assault.

Aucun, e, adj. no, none, not any. Assemblée, s. f. assembly; com- Augmenter, v. to increase. B’Asseoir, v. to sit down.

[pany. Auguste, adj. august. duys Assez, enough; rather ; pretty. Aujourd'hui, adv. to-day; now-rbs’Assied, pres. ind. sits down. Aumône, s. f. alms, charity. Assiége, pres. ind. besieges. Aune, s. f. yard. Assiette, s. f. plate.

Auparavant, adv. before. Assigné, e, assigned, summoned. Auprès, prep. near. Assis, e, seated; sitting ; sat. Auquel, pron. rel. to which. Assises, s. f. pl. assises ; sessions. Aura, aurai, shall, or will have. Assister, v to assist; to be present. Aurais, aurait, auraient, cond. Assisteraient, cond. should be pres- should, could, or would have. s’Assit, pret. sat down. [ent. Aurez, fut. of avoir, shall have. m’Associait, made mo a partner. Auriez, aurions, would, should Assommer, v. a. to knock down;

have. to knock out the brains.

Auront, fut. shall, or will have. Assura, pret. assured.-S'assura Aussi, adv. also, as, so. Assuré, adj. bold. [de, secured. Aussitôt, adv. immediately; as Assurément, adv. assuredly. Assurer, to assure; to affirm. Autant, adv. as much, as many. Astres, heavenly bodies.

d'a plus, so much the more Atelier, s. m. press; workshop; Autel, s. m. altar. Athènes, s. f. Athens. [study. Auteur, s. m. author. Atours, s. m. pl. attire.

Automne, s. m. and f. aut:imn. Attachai, pret. tied.

Autour de, prep. round, around Attaché, fixed; bound ; attached. Autre, adj. and pron. other. [ubout. s’Attachent, pres. ind. stick. Autrefois, adv. formerly. Attacher, to tie, fasten, attach. Autrement, adv. otherwise. Attaque, pres. ind. attacks. Aux, to the, in the. Atteint, part. attained.

Auxquelles, pron. rel. to which. Attenant, contiguous, next to. Avais, avait, avaient, had. Attend, pres. ind. awaits.

Avait (il y), there was, there were. m’Attendaient, awaited me. Avaler, v. a. to swallow. Attendais, imp. waited, expected. d'Avance, adv. beforehand. Attendant, p. pres. waiting.- En Avancement, s. m. promotion

attendant, in the mean time, till. | Avancer, v. a. to advance. Attendre, v. to wait for ; to expect. Avant, avant de, avant que, before Attendri, part. softened, moved. en Avant, forward. Attentivement, adv. attentively. Avantage, s. m. advantage. Atterre, pres. ind. impair. Avantageux, adj. advantageous Attester, v. a. to attest.

Avare, adj. avaricious. (profitable. Attique, s. f. Attica.

Avec, prep. with.
Attirer, v. a. to attract, draw. Avenir, s. m. the future.
Attisa, pret, stirred.

Aventure, s. f. adventure.
Attraits, B. m. pl. charms.

Avertir, v. to warn; to informa Attribuer, v. a. to attribute. Aveu, s. m. confession. Attribut, s. m. attribute.

Aveugle, adj. blind.

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Ayeuglement, s. m. blindness. Bas, basse, low.- En bas, à bas Avez, pres. of avoir, have.—Vous down.

avez beau, it is in vain for you Bataille, s. f. battle. Avidité, s. f. avidity.

Bateau, s. m. boat (avec), greedily:

Bâtir, v. a. to build. Aviez, imp. of avoir, had.

Batiste, s. f. cambric. il Avint, pret. it happened. Baton, s. m. stick. Avions, inip of avoir, had.

Baitants, see Porte. Avis, s. m. advice; opinion. [rated. Battez, imper. of battre, beat. Avisàmes, pret. considered, delibe- me Battis, pret. fought. Avisée, (s'est), has ventured. Battit, pret. beat ; clapt; fought, s’Aviser, v. r. to think of.

Baume, s. m. balm; balsam. Avoine, (pain d), oatcake. Bavards, s. m. pl. babblers. Avoir, v. auxil. to have.

Beau, beaux, adj. fine, handsome, Avons, pres. of avoir, have.

beautiful. Vous avez beau, it is Ayouer, v. a. to confess, to own.

in vain for you. Avril, s. m. April.

Beaucoup, adv. much, very much, Ayant, p. pres. of avoir, having. many. Babil,

Beau premier, very first (he met S. m. chat.

Baignent, pres. of baigner, to wash. Beauté, s. f. beauty.
se Baignent, pres. float.

Bec, s. m. bill.
Baignés, part. bathed; full. Becquée, s. f. bill-full.
Bailli, s. m. bailiff.

Bégayer, v. n. to stammer.
Bâillon, s. m. gag.

Bègue, a stammerer. Baiser, v. a. to kiss.

Bel, belle, adj. fine, beautiful. 50 Baisse, pres. ind. stoups. Belette, s. f. weasel. Bal, s. m. ball.

Bellune, Belluno. Balai, s. m. broom.

Bénédiction, s. f. blessing. Balayé, part. whisked off. Bénies, past part. blessed. Balbutiant, p. pres. stammering. Bénirons, fut. will praise. Baleine, s. f. whale.

Bénit, pres. of bénir, to bless. Ballon, s. m. balloon.

Berceau, s. m: bower. Ballot, s. m. bale.

Bergère, s. f. shepherdess.
Balourdises, s. f. pl. blunders. Besogne, s. f. business.
Bananier, s. m. banana-tree. Besoin, s. m. need, want.
Banc, 8. m. bank.

Bétail, 8. m. cattle.
Banni, past part. banished. Bete, s. f. beast.
Bannière, s. f. banner, standard. Bibliothécaire, s. m. librarian.
Banquette, s. f. a form.

Bibliothèque, s. f. library.
Banquier, s. m. banker.

Bien, adv. wcll; very ; much; maBaptême, (p not pron.) baptism. ny; easily. Bien que, though Baptisé, (p not pron.) part. bap- although.

tized, christened, named. Bien, s. m. good; fortune ; estute: Barbares, barbarians; rude. property. Barbarie, a f. barbarity, cruelty. Bienfait, s. m. advantage; benefit Barbe, s. f. beard.

Bienfaiteur, s. m. binefactor. Barbouillai, prot. besineared. Bientot, adv. soon, very soon. Barrière, s. f. gate.

Bière, s. f. coffin; beer.

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