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Page 180 - There in the twilight cold and gray, Lifeless, but beautiful, he lay, And from the sky, serene and far, A voice fell, like a falling star, Excelsior ! POEMS ON SLAVERY.
Page 90 - Die Sonne tönt nach alter Weise In Brudersphären Wettgesang, Und ihre vorgeschriebne Reise Vollendet sie mit Donnergang. Ihr Anblick gibt den Engeln Stärke, Wenn keiner sie ergründen mag; Die unbegreiflich hohen Werke Sind herrlich wie am ersten Tag.
Page 218 - L'orage a brisé le chêne Qui seul était mon soutien. De son inconstante haleine Le zéphyr ou l'aquilon Depuis ce jour me promène De la forêt à la plaine, De la montagne au vallon. Je vais où le vent me mène, Sans me plaindre ou m'effrayer; Je vais où va toute chose, Où va la feuille de rose Et la feuille de laurier.
Page 117 - They shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more
Page 158 - Frisch gewagt und frisch hinaus ! Kopf und Arm mit heitern Kraften Ueberall sind sie zu Haus; Wo wir uns der Sonne freuen Sind wir jede Sorge los; Daß wir uns in ihr zerstreuen.
Page 1 - Ws elderly uncle ! A little -whimsical twinge of vanity wound up all, such as rounds those quaint, old-fashioned verses on baffled love : — " Will, when looking well can't win her, Looking ill, prevail ? Prythee, why so pale ? " He 'looked across the blue sea streaked with rippling gold, and at the sails that here and there flitted over its surface like white butterflies, and felt his great irritation die away for the hour, in a mixture of stupefaction and languor. His uncle stood by his side,...
Page 161 - ... The old man had visited his dying nephew, and had offered to adopt and educate Otto, — should the boy be left fatherless, — to make him his heir, and, in short, to place him in the position which Hemmerich had forfeited by his marriage. The situation of his son had been Hemmerich's chief anxiety. He was not afraid to die, but he was afraid to leave Otto unprotected in the world ; and he suffered some pangs of conscience, which gave him more pain than his wounds, from the consideration that...

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