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hardly less startling than the three heads surpassed the limits of all anterior vocal of Cerberus, yet this offensive foolery is excellence, having ordered a superb suit of urged on in every village where half a clothes for a gala at court, when the tailor dozen spinsters can be conglomerated over brought it home, he asked him for his b:ll. their tea; they fancy themselves into “I have made no bill, sir," says the tailor, public characters, and in due time forth “nor ever shall make one. Instead of mocomes an address, painted by the last ney,” continued he, “I have a favor to pupil of the drawing-school, and pinned beg. I know that what I want is inesti- . up in silver paper by the dowager saint of mable, and only fit for monarchs ; but since the sisterhood. Thus we learn that “the I have had the honor to work for a person petition to the Queen from the ladies of of whom every one speaks with rapture, Derby, praying her Majesty to extend her all the payment I shall require will be a intluence to procure the abolition of slave- song." Farinelli tried in vain to prevail ry in our colonies, has received about 1200 on the tailor to take his money. At length, signatures. The petition is beautifully after a long debate, giving way to the humwritten, and enclosed between ble entreaties of the tradesman, and flatterrichly-embossed card-boards. One of them ed perhaps more by the singularity of the is ornamented by the figure of a liberated adventure than by all the applause he had female slave, in Indian ink, exquisitely hitherto received, he took him into his executed by a young lady of that town.' music-room, and sung to him some of his They oughi to be put on a short allowance most brilliant airs, taking pleasure in the of rouge and flirtation for the next six astonishment of his ravished bearer; and months.

the more he seemed surprised and affected, Superstition. The following little anec- the more Farinelli exerted himself in evedote shows that the great English chemistry species of excellence. When he had of the 19th century was not more exempt done, the tailor, overcome with ecstacy, from a childish superstition on some occa

thanked him in the most rapturous and sions, than the great English lexicographer grateful manner, and prepared to retire. of the 18th century.

• No," said Farinelli, “ I am a little proud; 6 Mr. Underwood informs me, that on and it is perhaps from that circumstance the 17th Nov. (1813), he met Humboldt that I have acquired some small degree of at dinner at Sir Huinphry Davy's hotel; superiority over other singers; I have giand adds: 'I do not know wliether you ven way to your weakness, it is but fair are aware that Davy had a superstitious that in your turn you should indulge me dislike at seeing a knife and förk placed in mine;" and taking out his purse, he incrosswise on a plate at dinner, or upon any sisted on his receiving a sum amounting to other occasion, but I can assure you such nearly double the worth of the guii of was the fact; and when it occurred in the clothes. company of his intimate friends, he al

Description of an Aide-de-Camp's Duties. ways requested that they might be dis- -When carrying orders, let your eye he placed : whenever this could not be done, directed to the very point aimed at. You he was evidently very uncomfortable.' have nothing to do with the flying shots,

Russia.-In one of the foreign scientific if they have nothing to do with you. If journals there is a calculation, according to you should lose your horse, travel on foot. which the Russian empire exceeds the If you should lose a leg, you must hop on terra firma in the moon by 123,885 square If you should lose both, you must leagues. The diameter of the moon is 893 try how you can travel on the other exleagues; the surface is therefore 2,505,201 tremity, But should you lose your head, square leagues. If in the moon, as in our you had better stop, for you cannot deliver earth, the fluid part, which we call sea,

a terbal message.

Should an aide-de. covers two-thirds of the surface, only camp have a sealed message, and find his 835,087 square leagues remain for the terra escape from the enemy quite impossible, firma. Now, according to calculations it is better that he should eat the written made in the year 1818, the Russian em- command, than that the enemy should pire extends over a surface of 958,972 digest it. square leagues, the possessions in America During one of the engagements I was in, included ; consequently the excess remains says Shipp, with the 87th regiinent, the as above stated. According to another bugler was ordered to sound a retreat. calculation, the Russian empire extends He replied, "I never learnt it, your hoover 1740 of longitude, and 36 1-20 of lati- nor." And why?" said the captain. tude. It contains about 2-19th parts of the “ Please your honor,'' was the answer, terra firma, the 14th part of our hemi- o the boys told me it would be of no use. sphere, and the 28th part of our earth. An Irish soldier, who was in the Duke Iis population is about 45,271,469 souls; of York's retreat from Dunkirk, being askone million of savages, and 340,000 noble. ed how they retreated, replied, “ Sure we men, not included.

did not retreat at all, at all.”. " Well," A Generous Singer and a Generous Tai. said the gentleman, “ how did you get to lor.–Farinelli, the Italian opera-singer, your shipping?" Why, by an eschele whose voice and abilities seem to bave lon movement, sideways.





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