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birth and early associations, I can- source of amusement to me. Their not avoid recollecting that such sham skins are usually of various things were ; and a sigh will some- colors, but generally so arranged as times escape me when I reflect that to indicate that they wish to look the remainder of my days must be like birds, while their mates endeaspent among beings so artificial as vor, as much as possible, to appear the human race. I am disgusted like us. with their vain boastings. To hear them talk, one would really imagine It was my misfortune, in early that they were all perfection ; and life, to fall into the hands of this yet they are indebted to the beasts species of animals, of whose existof the field and the birds of the air, ence no one, in the extensive disand even to poor miserable worms, tricts belonging to our tribes, was for their outward skins, their own previously aware : and it has been being of such a wretched texture as my lot, with some few brief interto be nearly useless ; and, strange vals, to remain among them ever as it may seem to animals who have since. I am now grown old and been clad by nature, these borrowed grey in captivity ; but I shall not coverings are a chief source of pride indulge in the natural garrulity of to the creatures called men and wo- old age to such an extent as to write men. The greater part of their lives all the events of my eventful life, is spent in putting them off and notwithstanding that hope sometimes on, and endeavoring to procure a whispers flatteringly in mine ear, greater variety, in which to strut that many monkeys will peruse about and endeavor to imitate the these reminiscences with interest monkey tribe. But their imitations and gratitication, if not with advanare perfectly ridiculous, and never tage. can approach the graceful and natural agility of our tribes, which they, It is acknowledged by all, that notwithstanding, affect to consider the earth has undergone strange as beneath them!

and divers revolutions, not only as It would be an endless task to re- it regards its organic formation, and count all the follies of their various the changes constantly in progress attempts at concealing their natural by the agency of rivers, floods, seas, deformity. The males, having no and subterranean fires, but in the tail of their own, decorate them- power held by different animals over selves with one made from the wool extensive tracts upon its surface. of sheep; and so ignorant are they of Long before man was known, our the real and native elegance of this tribes possessed a wide and undisappendage, that they split it in two puted sway over regions now dispieces, which hangs uselessly dang- figured in a strange manner by ling behind them! The variety of what are called houses, little dirty these mock upper skins worn by the hillocks with holes in them, from females is yet infinitely greater ; a whence smoke issues, as if in petty circumstance the more remarkable, imitation of a volcano. Men dwell because that sex have far less occa- in these, and have so increased in sion for concealing their persons. number for the last few centuries, Indeed, I have seen some of them that it really becomes a serious who need not fear a comparison with question how their encroachments the comeliest of our own tribes. are to be put a stop to, so as to preThey have far more natural vivacity serve upon the face of the earth a than the males, are much more kind sufficient space for the aboriginal and amiable in disposition, and, par- inhabitants. Sometimes a feeling ticularly when young, evince a par- of despair comes over me when I tiality for the monkey race in gene- think on the present state of things, ral, which has frequently been a and I am haunted with the idea,

almost amounting to conviction, that and chill, and shudderingly, it creeps I am doomed to be the last monkey. throughout my whole system-it But it may not be so ! The reign shakes me to the centre—and again of man, like that of the lions, tigers, my blood returns throbbing, boiling, and elephants, must have an end : and rushing through my veins, my and then our tribes may again be brain feels scorched, and in vain I in the ascendant. Why they should seek to quench in tears those tornot now be so I cannot conceive, ments which inwardly consume me, unless it be from a want of union as I think on my bitter doom of deamong ourselves ; for such is the solation. And am I indeed to be cowardice of the human race, that the last monkey ? No; I will not even I, old and decrepid as I am, admit the idea, notwithstanding the have put half a dozen to flight by fruitless research which I have promerely showing my teeth, and could secuted for years to discover one of clear the whole house where I am our race, which must still exist in now writing in five minutes, were liberty and independence, basking it not that I find their services con- in the rays of the genuine monvenient in this strange country, key sun, (for here they have one where there are few trees, and which scarcely emits any warmth,) scarcely any fruit worth gathering. or gamboling in the delicious shade So I employ them to bring me food of fruit-bearing forests. But the from better climates, and, upon the picture is too painful for me to folwhole, have little reason to complain low up. It recalls me to the charms of their neglect. But it was not of my dearest Keeba, my first love, always thus. I have undergone and the graceful activity of Monimany hardships, particularly after cha, my second, and the amiable my first arrival in this country, playfulness of Simiana, my third, which they call Great Britain, al- and the delicately refined taste of though it is but a small island, and Cercopitheca, my fourth, whose a mere speck when compared with heart I won one morning by a preother nations. But the inhabitants sent of two moths, and a beetle of possess a great deal of influence unusual dimensions; and my fifthamong their kind, owing, it is said, alas ! here memory fails me—I canprincipally to certain of them called not exactly recollect who was my sailors. And I am inclined to be- fifth-But it is no matter; for perlieve the fact, partly because I have haps, after all, it scarcely becomes had opportunities of witnessing the the gravity of age and grey hairs to bravery of that class of men, and dilate on such subjects. received many attentions from them Let me be serious, and write of during my voyage here ; but, prin- more important concerns and events, cipally, because the generality of so that my manuscript may prove a them have a real tail, (which, how- treasure of instruction and amuseever, grows out of their head !) and ment to the fortunate monkey into are very expert in the noble science whose hands it may fall, and my of climbing

name and memory be cherished in I am aware that many things after ages. First, then, of my name. which I may state will probably I am known in this climate by that startle monkeys of a future age;. of Jocko, an appellation given to me but I consider myself as performing by the human race, who thereby a duty for the benefit of future gen- evinced their deplorable ignorance, erations. Future generations did since every well-informed monkey I say? What and if there should be knows that Pongo* and Jocko are no more! Again that dreadful ap- the names of animals very different prehension comes over me ! Cold from us, and, as I have ascertained cry of

* The greater and smaller species of Ourang-outang.

per air.

by comparison, bearing a much who, for some time, appeared to be greater affinity to man, and conse- totally unconscious of our vicinity. quently, every way inferior to us in At length some of our females, in the scale of nature. Indeed the spite of strict orders to the contrary, only striking similarity between man found it impossible to keep their and our tribes appears to be the re- tongues quiet any longer, and began ciprocal taste for imitating each a-jabbering, which drew the attenother; a foolish propensity, to which, tion of the strange creatures upon us. in my younger days, I was much ad- It was now useless to hesitate, so we dicted, and which, to confess my all immediately joined in the folly, was the cause of my captivity. our tribe, and warned the intruders It happened in this wise. We were not to approach nearer, upon their sitting, a whole troop of us, in calm peril, or they must abide the conseand rational chat, under the shelter quences. of a noble banyan-tree, which threw The animals, however, persisted, its hundred stems and thousand roots in spite of all our vociferations, to into the earth, and its million branch- which they only replied by a strange es, curving in beauty, into the up- sort of cackling, which I have since

There were the splendid found is called laughing, and, disand gaudy-colored birds, pluming cordant as it is, is held by them in themselves in tranquillity, and there high estimation, as a peculiar priviwere we, sitting in picturesque lege and perfection of their species. groups, amid the verdant foliage, When they had come under the with our wives, our sweethearts, shade of our banyan, we gave them and our little ones ; sometimes notice to quit, in a manner which it cracking a joke, and sometimes was impossible to misunderstand, cracking a nut, or regaling upon namely, we pelted them with sticks the various dainties with which our and stones, which we had previously pouches were stored. Suddenly an collected, and other convenient misalarm was given by our sentinels siles. For some time, notwithstandof the approach of strangers. We ing, they kept their ground, and were instantly upon the alert, and, continued the cackling as before, to our astonishment, perceived about varied occasionally by a sharp noise half a score animals of different and made by clapping their forepaws extraordinary colors advancing upon together. One among them attempttheir hind legs, some with split tails, ed to climb into the tree ; but his and some with the little single tail clumsiness was perfectly ridiculous, growing out of their head, as before and amused us exceedingly. So described. Their heads were almost much indeed was I delighted, that I all different in form ; one was small jumped and squeaked, and nearly and flat, another large and round, fell off the branch on which I sat. like a huge gourd ; a third, long Never, that I recollect, was I in and high, with a tuft of feathers at higher spirits. I considered the the top ; and a fourth, with the sides animals below us, in every respect squeezed together, and curved like beneath me; and in mere wantona cresset moon reversed. All, how- ness, took deliberate aim at the one ever, were unnatural, and we gazed with a half-moon head, whom I hit upon them, for some time, with va- with part of a cocoa nutshell in the rious feelings, according to our dif- cheek, whereat he appeared to be ferent temperaments. For my own much exasperated, and immediately part, I must say that I did not share seized what I then fancied was a in the alarm visible in many coun- stick, from one of his companions, tenances around me; a strong feel- and pointed it towards me. The ing of curiosity swallowed up every manner in which he did this was, as other emotion, and I kept my eye I thought, exceedingly preposterous; intently fixed upon the intruders, for he held it as is to make me be

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lieve it formed part of his own nose. what seemed to be water; so, folI was much astonished, however, lowing our imitative propensities, when a great noise, as of thunder, we either lifted them in our foreissued out of the end, with a cloud paws, or dipped in our heads, and of dust, and my wife, who was close began to drink, as the strange aniby my side, began to scream, and mals had done. In a very short tumbled out of the tree. I attributed space of time, I felt myself unusuthe fall to her own clumsiness, as ally vigorous and active : it seemed she was an awkward monkey ; and, to me as though I was larger and to say the truth, we had not lived stronger than any of our troop; and happily together for some time, for my courage was such, that I almost she was considerably larger than wished my old wife alive again, that myself, and had given me a severe I might return the drubbings she beating only the day before. When had given me. My companions I saw her lying on the ground, and likewise appeared to have underperfectly quiet, I knew she must be gone a change. The females seemdead, being satisfied that nothing ed handsomer, and the males uglier less would have quieted her ; and than usual ; but all were merry and I felt my mind greatly relieved, and clamorous: and, indeed, it appeared began to look round among our as though we were trying which troop for another mate.

should make the most noise, and In the meanwhile, the new-com- most frequently get possession of ers below began pulling my dead the gourds to imitate the strangers. old wife about in a strange manner, I have a very confused recollecturning her round and round, and tion of the manner in which that jabbering to each other. At first eventful scene terminated. There I fancied they were going to eat was some quarreling, I remember, her ; but, at length, they laid her among us, and we fought ; but I down, and I was glad to perceive have no idea what it was about. that they had not had the sense to The last thing that I can call to take the fruit which was in her mind appears

like a dream; and I pouch, and which I resolved to should ever have believed it nothing make my own immediately on their more, but for the deplorable consedeparture.

quences, by which the whole tenor The strange creatures now clus- of my life has been changed. It tered together, and began to eat seemed as though the strange and and drink, after an extraordinary great animals suddenly came upon fashion, out of the shells of cocoa us; but their manner was altogether nuts and large gourds. Their mode different from that which they had of drinking out of the latter particu- practised on their first visit. Instead larly interested us; and, when they of moving slowly as before, they now went away, we were somewhat sur- flew about, like birds, in every diprised to observe that they left se- rection ; and I was astonished to veral behind them standing on the see them overtake and lay hold of ground.

several of the most active among Perhaps my spirits were

At length one approached me, what elevated in consequence of my and stretched out his long forepaw. wife's fall. Be'that as it may, I Resistance against such a monster was one of the first to descend and was not to be thought of. I thereexamine the hollow gourds left by fore ran towards a stem of the banthe strangers; and I was accompa- yan, which I unaccountably missed ; nied by several young females of but in a very short time I laid hold our tribe, who had witnessed Glum- of another, which I thought to climb dalla's accident, and therefore knew, with the speed of lightning ; when, that I was at libery to attend them. to my great amazement, the whole The things were half filled with tree had suddenly grown to such a




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height that its branches were above resemblance to us, as they sit and the clouds, which I plainly perceive grin and nod at each other ; but, ed rolling between me and them. after a while, they become awkward Overcome by the dread of my pur- and stupid, and are not fit to be suer, and this appalling change in compared with the meanest of our the face of nature, my limbs refused tribes. The only motive that I to perform their office-I fell, ex- guess for this strange practice is, hausted, to the ground, and all re- that they thereby get rid, for a time, mains a blank on the tablet of me- of a very troublesome thing which mory, from that moment till I awoke,

they call

reason,” about which ill and feverish, and surrounded by they are eternally chattering, and the human species.

pretending that it is something suIt seems that the liquid which perior to our instinct. they had left in the calibashes (as What the precise nature of this they call them) was of an intoxi- boasted

reason is, I have never cating nature, and had deprived us been able satisfactorily to decide. of the use of our faculties. I had It is, however, somewhat remarkagot drunk. What“ drunk” means, ble, that whenever a man has lost together with many other terms and what little falls to his share, in one things unknown to us, shall be ex- of these drinking bouts, he always plained in a glossary, which I shall imagines that he is possessed of annex to this manuscript, for the much more than any one else, and benefit of all inquisitive monkeys. believes himself the only animal fit The cruelty of thus depriving us to rule over his tribe.

One can of our senses, for the sake of after- hardly conceive anything more riwards taking us prisoners, must diculous. If they had any quality appear to the reader as most exe- at all comparable with instinct, it crable. But, to do justice to the would be impossible for them to fall human race, they do not consider twice into such a stupid error ; for the former any punishment ; on the they really make themselves quite contrary, it is an infliction which ill by this foolish custom ; and I they constantly practise on their have heard that some even hasten dearest friends, and nothing seems their death, and make their lives to afford them greater pleasure. miserable thereby. Yet, while They meet together frequently in they are at it, they every now and large bodies, for this very purpose; then interrupt the general course of and at the commencement of their conversation, and cry out“Health!” proceedings, I have sometimes been But enough of this folly! quite startled at their very close


A REMARKABLE discovery has lately of snow and ice, which had been been made on Etna, of a mass of preserved in the spring of that year, ice, preserved for many ages, per- for the use of Catania and the adhaps for centuries, from melting, by joining parts of Sicily and the neighthe singular event of a current of boring island of Malta, to fail enred hot lava having towed over it. tirely. Considerable distress was The following are the facts in attest- felt for the want of a commodity reation of a phenomenon which must garded in these countries as one of at first sight appear of so paradoxi- the necessaries of life rather than an cal a character. The extraordina- article of luxury, and on the abunry heat experienced in the south of dance of which, in some large cities, Europe during the summer and au- the salubrity of the water and the tumn of 1828, caused the supplies general health of the people may be

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