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At the close of another period devoted to the publication and completion of a volume of the Atheneum, we are happy in having it in our power to offer its patrons the concluding number of a larger volume of the work than they have heretofore received. The same principles have governed us in the selection and arrangement of its contents, that have been our guide in conducting former volumes; and we will venture to hope that the new literary journals which have lately been received, and the improvement in some of the old ones, together with greater experience, have increased its value in regard to the entertainment and instruction of its pages, as well as their number.

The enlargement of the Atheneum has been attended with expense and difficulty to the Proprietor. One circumstance only, however, has given us cause of regret in regard to this measure : the typography of the work, in consequence of it, has not been so neatly executed as we could have wished.

It was necessary that new paper and a new press should be made, and in the qualities of both we have been disappointed. But these defects will be remedied in future ; and we shall endeavor to have the Atheneum deserve the credit of being elegantly, as we believe it does now that of being correctly, printed.

It has been suggested to us in various ways, that it would be agreeable to our readers to know from which of the English Magazines each article in the Atheneum is taken. Several editors of newspapers have indeed gone so far as to accuse us of a want of candor and justice in neglecting to give this information. We are always willing to listen to any suggestions or complaints from these sources --we duly appreciate any encomiums upon our labors from them, and we also like to see the principle of fair and upright dealing in all things maintained and defended : but when some of these same editors, who are so watchful over this principle in us, entertain no scruples in copying liberally from our pages, without giving credit either to the Atheneum or the source which its very title acknowledges, we must say they show at least a slight degree of inconsistency. In announcing, therefore, that in future each article in the Atheneum will have the name of the Magazine from which it is taken prefixed to it, our readers will understand that the plan is adopted for their gratification, and not because we feel any guilt or penitence in regard to the course heretofore pursued.

Other improvements are contemplated in the next volume, and we respectfully solicit for it, from each of our subscribers, a continuance of former patronage.

Boston, March 15, 1831,


of, 520

ABERNETHY, Mr. Anecdotes of, 429 Church, a night in a, 419
Abruzzi, a pass of the, 304

Colombia, the Eve of Saint Simon in, 60
Absentee, the, 43

Come in time, 440
Adventure at Rotterdam, an, 275

Concatenation, 152
Adventure of a London traveller, 300 Condemned, the, 124
Affectation, 201

Constant, M. Benjamin, biographical sketch
Age, the, 488
Aide-de-camp's duties, description of an, Constantinople, a week at in 1829, 472

Consumption, pulmonary, 82
Ale, 418

Costa Firmé, a scene on the, 510
Alpine scenery, 19

Cruickshanks, Mr. Charles, agonizing death
Anecdotes, 576

of, 33
Angler, the disappointed, 440

Cruthers and Jonson; or, the outskirts of
Anti-slavery petitions, 575

life, 544
Aphorisms, 290
Aphorisms on man, 165

Davy, Sir Humphry, 575, 576
Apparitions, 181

Delta. A pass of the Abruzzi, 304
Artists, eminent, 199

Demon ship, the, 374

Devil's progress, the, 221
Barbary, law in, 167

Diary of a late physician, passages from,
Beautiful remark, 152

187, 481, 489
Belgium, the late revolution in, 424 Dog, the spectral, 481
Belle Isle in autumn, 436

Dramatic anecdote, 199
Benevolent man, a, 247

Drum ecclesiastic, 248
Bernard's Retrospections of the Stage, 138, Dueling, 187

Biography, modern, 571

Ear, sensibility of the, 439
Birthday, the first and last, 441

Ears, 248
Bishop of St. Asaph, the, 296

Ettrick Shepherd, the, 513
Bloomfield, 574

Hydrophobia, 97
Boiling, 417


Booklender, a generous,


Mr. Moore's homily on husbands, 522
Books, new, notice of, 104, 152, 200, 344, Notes from the Noctes, 339

Physicians and poets, 99
Botany in Denmark, 488

Reason and imagination, 194
Brigand's home, the, a pass of, 304

The uneartbly witness, 325
Brothers, the three, 102

Europe, area of, 535
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, 247

Evaporation, 417
Burnside, Margaret, 203

Expiation, 203
Burke, cursory remarks on the style of, 312 Eyes, 295
Butler, Harry, 249
Byron, Mr. Galt's first acquaintance with, Fable, 344

Fables, 142

Fame, present and future, 296
Caius Cestius, 296

Fashions, the latest, with colored prints,
Cats, a concert of, 248

101, 150, 246, 343, 438, 534
Cavendish, anecdote of, 487

Fat living, 344
Charles X, 485

Female character, on the, with especial re-
Chesterfield and Montesquieu, 414

ference to the powers of the mind,
Child, sleeping, address to a, 470

Chinese justice, 535

Ferdinand the beloved ; or, royal gratitude,
Chinese policy, 197

Cholera morbus, 535

Fires, 416


Fish, skeletons of, method of obtaining, 438 Lisbon, recollections of life in, 477
Floods in Moray, account of, 21

Literary beauties of the Scriptures, 137
Florida, first attempts to colonise, 333 Literary footmen, 488
France, 103

Literay notices, 104, 152, 200, 344, 440
France, the late revolution in, 103

Literature of the day, on the, 118
French artizan, a, history of during the last Literature, royal patronage of, 202
revolution, 404

London traveller, adventures of a, 300
French honesty, 102
French press, the, 102

Magnetism, animal, 199

Maiden of the Slitterick, the, 47
Galt, Mr. His life of Lord Byron, 132 Man a working being, 476

His first acquaintance with Byron, 318 Marvels, a tale of, 527
Game, the way we shoot, 248

Mat Kavenagh, the Irish hedge schoolmas-
Gatherer, the, 102, 151, 197, 247, 295, 344,

ter, 172
439, 487, 535, 575

Meal, a long, 236
Genius, 296

Genius and virtue, 245

Medicine, state of in Turkey, 535
Genius on the wing, 238

Mind, independent existence of, 432
Glen-Etive, 257

Miseries of having nothing to do, 348
Gnat, the, 296

Monkey, reminiscences of a, 91

Gold cross, the, 502

Montesquieu and Chesterfield, 414
Golden city, the, 222

Moore, Mr. His homily on husbands, 522
Gooch, Dr. 151

Moral influence of the physical necessities
Good nature, 104

of man, 500
Gossamer, 488

Moray floods, account of the, 21

Medicine, new,

Parr, Dr. 151

Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the Natural philosophy, 540
blood, 197

Nature, on the music of, 244
Hazlitt, William. Aphorisms on man, 165 New year, old thoughts on a, 297
Head, the turned, 489

Night in a church, a, 419
Health, 440

Noctes Ambrosianæ, 97, 194, 339, 522
Heat, effects of, 416

Notes from the Noctes, 339
Highland quarter, 152
History, present state of, 198

Obstinacy, 344
Hofland, Mrs. An adventure at Rotter- Ojeda's adventures in South America, 541
dam, 275

Old and new world, the, 517
Home, 535

Opinion, asking an, 264
Homer, 487

Opium-Eater, the English. Reason and
Ilowitt, William. The disasters of Jan

imagination, 194
Nadeltreiber, 143

Orange tree, the, 152
Husbands, Mr. Moore's homily on, 522 Originality,

Hydrophobia, 97

Outline, an, 247
Hypochondraism, 439

Owen, Mr.' On the system of, 396
Idea, an original, 152
If you won't, I will, 104

Party titles, curious, 199
III manners, 99

Patriotism, 294
Illusion, an,

Pearls, 102
Imagination and reason, 194

Phenomenon, singular, 96
Imitation, 217

Philological puzzle, 439
Improvements, modern, 282

Philosophy, natural, 540
Inconveniences of a convenient distance, 76 Phosphorus, 104
Irish calculation, 236

Physical necessities of man, moral influ-
Irish hedge schoolmaster, the, 172

ence of, 500
Irish lawsuit, an, 320

Physicians and poets, 99
Iron shroud, the, 11

Pirate of the Mediterranean, the, 374

Poetry, learning, and religion, 322
Jan Nadeltreiber, the disasters of, 143 Poetry of Professor Wilson, 463
Japan, 103

Polignac, Prince, 102
Jesuits' college at Frieburg, in Switzer- Polish insurrection, the, 537
land, 479

Potato cheese, 199

Potato on the mountain Orizaba, 102
Killing with kindness, 103


ornamental, 104
Knowledge for the people, 416

Profits, spicy, 248

Pulmonary consuniption, 82
Lady of the Lake, a new,

Law in Barbary, 167

Quin's Siamese


Learning, religion, and poetry, 322
Liberality, 199


Rat story, a,


Reason and imagination, 194

Sugar, 102
Religion, learning, and poetry, 322 Sugar from starch, 104
Reminiscences, 138

Superstition, 576
Reminiscences of an old monkey, 91
Reviews and notices of new publications. Tailor, a generous, 576
A Treatise on Water. By Abraham Tale of marvels, a,

Booth, 434

Talleyrand, Prince, 437
Knowledge for the People; or, the Plain Taste, 487

Why and Because. By John Timbs, Tastes, diversity in, 73

Time, 151
Life of Lord Byron. By John Galt, 132 Titian, 198, 536
The Devil's Progress, 221

Tombstone repository in Paris, visit to
The Poetical Works of Professor Wilson, the, 561

Torch, quenching of the, 291
The Wild Garland and Sacred Melo. Treatise on water, a,
dies, 55

Truth, or a fact, 152
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 198

Turkey, state of medicine in, 535
Robinson Crusoe, 572

Turkish ladies, 488
Royalty, fallen, etiquette of, 485
Ruling passion, strength of the, 248 Ulysses, the modern, 336
Russia, 103, 576

Unearthly witness, the, 325
Russia, worship in, 487

Vandyke, Titian, and Reynolds, 198
Sabbath, the, 536

Virtue and genius, 245
Sacred Melodies, 55

Visit to the tombstone repository in Paris,
Saint Simon, the Eve of in Colombia, 60

Scenery, Alpine, 19

Vitalis, 309
Scott, Sir Walter. Apparitions, 181 Volcano, 102

His conversational powers, 342
Scottish easterly harr, 2, 440

Wat Tylers, the two, 238
Scriptures, literary beauties of the, 137 Water, 433
Sharp, a, a flat, and a natural, 103 Weather, predictions of the, 186
Shelley, Mr. 242

Weeks and his “ woe,” 238
Shipp, anecdote by, 576

Why and because, the, 416
Singer, a generous, 576

Widows, the two, 563
Singular Smith, 240

Wild Garland, the, 55
Six-bottle men, the, 236

Wilson, Professor, poetry of, 463
Snakes, 536

Windermere, a day at, 153
Solitude, 437

Wine, history and effects of, 260
South America, Ojeda's adventures in, 541 Witches, the last of the, 295
Spanish Constitutionaliste, the late cam- Woman, 371
paign of, 359

Women, Greek, 536
Spanish idea of the arts, 102

Women of Albania, 440
Story-tellers, eastern, 486

Wrong leg, the, 237




Air, the realms of, 430
All is not dark below, 90
Angel help, 59
Bank of happiness, the, 526
Banner of heaven, the, 58
Banners of the free, the, 75
Bowles, Caroline. To little Mary, 10
Browne, Mary Anne. Caractacus, 166

The first and last voyage, 9
Caractacus, 166
Children, to a group of, 197
Convict, the, 468
Cowslip, the, 57
Cui bono, 142
Death-fetch, the, 270
Delta. Evening tranquillity, 9

Sunset after rain, 166
The vale of pines, 117

Delta. Thomson's birthplace, 509
Devil's progress, the, 222
Earth, to the, 123
Elegy from the Spanish, 131
Ettrick Shepherd, the. The skylark, 514
Evening hymn to the Virgin, 503
Evening tranquillity, 9
First and last voyage, the, 9
Friendship, emblem of, 57
Happiness, the bank of, 526
Heaven, the banner of, 58
Hemans, Mrs. A spirit's return, 40

The palmer, 418
The penitent's return, 498

The shepherd poet of the Alps, 178
How and the why, the, 239
Howitt, R. To a group of children, 197
Howitt, William. The three Maries, 308

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