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not resist giving in the translator's own

A WINDFALL. words.-“The black horseman turned away A house having fallen down one day dur: his horse,and said with a gloomy solemnity ing a heavy gale of wind, a wit most pro

- Thou dost know me! The very hair of vokingly congratulated the owner on his thy head, which stands on end, confesses windfall. for thee that thou dost! I am He whom at

COPPER UTENSILS. this moment thou namest in thy heart with

A source of danger from the use of culihorror !-So saying, he vanished, followed

nary vessels of copper, has recently been by the dreary sound of withered leaves, discovered by Sir H. Davy, viz. that weak and the echo of blasted boughs falling from solutions of common salt, such as are daily the trees beneath which he had stood !"

made by adding a little salt to boiling veAll persons concerned in the bringing getables and other eatables in our kitchens, forward of this wondrous drama appear to

act strongly upon copper, although strong have been inspired with an anxiety to do

ones do not affect it. their parts to the utmost. The little bogtoads crawl about, as if they themselves The following affords no mean speciinen were terrified at the scene. Braham, as of genuine wit among the lower order of Rodolph, not only sang better than ever on

the Irish. A brewer in Dublin, a man posthe first night, but acted with a feeling sessing capital, and at the head of an exwhich' we never before letected in him. tensive business, and moreover a consumBut the effect of the music was upon him, mate dandy, passing one day along the and he was, in truth, under the influence of street was espied by a dirty, ragged Pata charm. He performed and gave a Grand lander, who knowing the person and cirScena, which seemed to roll around the cumstances of the brewer, remarked to his air like thunder. Mr. E. P. Cooke was companion in rags, Sure, an' don't the Zamiel. He is by far the best bad spirit small beer carry a fine head now?" that ever stalked the earth—he is so good, A woman in Switzerland having refused that we only wish he may be able to give to her husband the taking of some of her up the part when he pleases.

personal property in order to go to AmeriIt remains but to speak of the music, ica, he assassinated her, and set fire to a which, of its kind, is really beyond all or village by which 25 houses were destroyed. dinary praise and conception. Some of

ROASTING A BARRISTER. the critics have said it is not so sweet or so good Mozart's :-Pshaw! it was never

On Saturday, Mr. French, the barrister, intended to be sweet! it is appalling, terri- laid a complaint against certain debtors in fic, sublime! It giveth not 66 Airs from

Whitecross-street prison. The Learried Heaven,” but, “Blasts from Hell." From Gentleman having been arrested, and conthe Overture to the very last note, the coin

veyed thither, was surrounded on his en. poser, Weber, seems to have called upon

trance by about twenty persous, who deZamiel, and to have offered up to him

manded the usual fee of 14s. The Learned notes which would go into his very soul! Gentleman resisted it, but was instantly There is a depth, a wildness, which frights carried into the ward-room before the Préthe miod while it charms the ear; and we

sident of the Ward. Mr. French proceedwill confidently say that no music, not even

ed to state, that when he was brought into Mozart's, was ever heard with such breath

the ward-room, the person in the chair, less attention and earnestness as this ex

with great gravity, commanded strangers traordinary production of Weber. It is a

to withdraw, and said to him, "I under. great work!

stand you refuse to pay your fees. Before

we proceed against you, you shall hear the WINE DRINKING.

regulations read.” What was called the A Gentleman of somewhat pious turn of first regulation was then read. It declared mind having undertook to reform a youn- that any person brought into the ward ger brother, who from a water-drinker had should, within 48 hours, pay 14s. On become inordinately attached to the bottle, hearing this, he (Mr. French) observed, would frequently with a view of giving that there was justice even among pirates ; more effect to his lectures, quote texts of he was not 48 hours amongst them, and Scripture in which the sin of wine-bibbing why should they compel him to pay before is denounced. The brother having exhaust the time? The Judge Advocate seemed ed every ingenuity in defence of his favour staggered, and a pause ensued ; ite habit, referred his Bible-searching mon- voice soon cried out that he was a lawyer ; itor to the 5th chap. 1st book of Timothy, it was a legal quirk, and would not do. 23rd verse, which reads thus:-" Drink no This was re-echoed by the whole assembly, longer water, but use a little wire, for thy and the Judge Advocate told him it was stomach's sake and thy often intiimiies." decided to be a legal objection merely, and Thus intrenched, he deemed himself invul. he inust pay without delay. He was all nerable ; but it is plain that the Apostle this time under apprehension of personal limits the portion to a very small quantity, violence, to prevent which, he offered the and that his advice is confined to a parti- money they demanded, at the same time decular case and to the “often ingrmities” claring it was extorted from him. They reof the sufferer. In a word, that the wine fused to take it in this way, and brought him was to be taken occasionally as a medicine. close to a large fire, and compelled him to sit

but a



there, though he told them he was ill, and novelty, before calling for their verdict, he must be roasted or baked in a short time, if should write to Mr. Raincock, the barrister, kept in that situation. When he had been and take his opinion on the subject. To there about a quarter of an hour suffering give time to do this, he should adjourn the torture, a turnkey came for him, but they inquest. The inquest was then adjourned. refused to allow bim to leave the room till -On Friday the Jury re-assembled, when the turnkey undertook to bring him back. the Coroner read an opinion from Mr. On leaving the room he procured his re- Raincock. It was, that if any person chose lease, and he thought it necessary to call to perform such an operation as circumcifor punishment on the persons by whom he sion, unless it was surgically necessary, had been so ill-treated, in the expectation they must take the consequences upon that it might prevent the recurrence of sim- themselves; and if death should ilar outrages.—Mr. Alderman Ansley, who from their unskilfulness, they would, in his was in the Justice-room, went to the prison, judgment, be guilty of manslaughter. The for the purpose of Mr. French's identify: learned gentleman added, that there would ing the persons who had been active in perhaps be an exception in the case of committing the violence. All the inmates Jews, who were expressly enjoined by their of the ward were mustered, but Mr. French law to perform the rite ; but as it was no could not identify more than one, as being part of the ordinances of the Christian rea party to the proceeding, and against him ligion, no Christian would be Alderman Ansley granted a warrant. performing it. --The Jury deliberated for a PRESERVATION OF FISH, &c.

short time, and then returned a verdict of For ensuring the sweetness of fish con

“ Manslaughter” against Henry Lees.veyed by land-carriage, the belly of the

Mr. Lees was in custody, and will, of fish should be opened, and the interoal

course, be committed to take his trial for parts sprinkled with powdered charcoal..

the offence. The same material will restore impure or

THE TRIBUTE MONEY. even putrescent water to a state of perfect A chef d'œuvre painted by Rafaelle, the freshness. The inhabitants of Cadiz, who subject The Tribute Money, was picked up are necessitated to keep in tanks the water the other day, at a broker's shop, for a few for culinary uses, were first indebted to our shillings. The present proprietor has the informant, during the late Peninsula war, modesty to ask for it £10,000. for the foregoing simple yet efficacious The total of copies distributed by the remedy of an evil which they had long en- British Bible Sociсty, from its institution, dured.

amounts to 3,875,474 ; to this may be addThe theatre at Sydney appears to be ed about 2,000,000 by the auxiliary socie,

a very flourishing state," said a gentle- ties, distributed over all points of the globe. man to John Kemble, speaking of the Bo. An entire Bible in the Chinese language, tany Bay theatricals. * Yes," replied the being the first attempt of the kind, is now tragedian, “the performers ought to be all completed. good, for they have been selected and sent to The Edinburgh Star, mentions that an that situation by very excellent Judges.” old man, in the village of Branent having

a diseased foot, it was decided by his med. Quin thought angling a very barbarous

ical attendants to amputate his leg, and diversion ; and on being asked why, gave they went the next day to perform the this reason : "Suppose some superior being operation, when, to their utter astonishshould bait a hook with venison, and go a Quinning, I should certainly bite, and what ment, they found the leg already amputated a sight and a sufferer should I be dang- vowed she would allow no one to put a

and dressed by his beloved helpmate, who ling in the air !"

knife into her dear Cherry (the name her RELIGIOUS FANATICISM.

husband goes by) except herself: what is On Saturday week, an inquest was held still more extraordinary, the man was doat Hurst, Ashton-under-line, on the body of ing wonderfully well. Daniel Grimshaw, a child of fourteen days

The Duke of Sussex has the most stu. old, who died on the Thursday previous, in

pendous collection of Theological Works consequence of having been circuincised.-It appears that the followers of Joanna

extant-between 60 and 70,000 volumes. Southcott, who are still very numerous in Among which there are upwards of 140

editions of the Bible, and it is reported his and near Ashton-under-line, have adopted the strange notion that they are bound to Royal Highness means to bequeath the encomply with the injunctions of the Mosai. tire collection to one of the Universities. cal law, respecting the rite of circumcision.

The population of Hamburgh is estimatAll, or nearly all, the male believers in that ed at 300,000; above 1,000 English now neighbourhood, have consequently submit- reside there. Mr. M'Adam's system of ted to the operation, and have had it per road-making is already introduced there. formed on their children, on the eighth day Miss Farren, now Countess of Derby, after birth. The case excited a very in- Miss Brunton, now Countess of Craven, and tense interest; and there was a great crowd Miss Bolton, now lady Thurlow, by their collected about the house. The Coroner distinguished marriages, and exemplary said, that as the case was one of complete lives, give indisputable testimony of the




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improved moral character of the British medal he accordingly kept; but it is now Stage since the days of King Charles II. understood he has, by the recent arrivals THE LADY OF THE LAKE.

from South America, returned the medal, reverend gentleman, named Hammers. with a letter addressed to the King, to be ley, residing on the borders of one of the forwarded to his Majesty.-Lady Cochrane beautiful Cumberland Lakes, was awoke a is now in this country, and Lord Cochrane few nights since by a violent knocking at is positively coming home ; and it is inferthe street door. Alarmed by the arrival of red, from his Lordship having so sent the a visiter so unexpected at such an hour, the medal, as well as from the speech made by reverend gentleman himself went to the

Sir J. Mackintosh in the House of Comdoor, where he found a rustic, who apolo

mons as to the propriety of restoring him, gized for his intrusion, by telling him that that Lord Cochrane has some expectation, an apparently young lady was sailing in a

in the event of his returning to England, small boat on the lake, totally unaccompa.

that he would be restored to his rank in the nied, and that he considered from so unu

British Navy. Lord Cochrane certainly sual a circumstance, that the poor lady returns home, and it is added that he feels was not right in her mind. The reverend so little indebted to " politics," as not to gentleinan, with great humanity, immedi. be likely to mingle in party-seuds hereafter. ately put his own little wherry in requisi- The composition of the letter accompanying tion, and proceeded in search of the mys. the medal is spoken of in the highest terms. terious object. The night being moonlight

Frederick North, some siiort time since, he soon espied her under the lee of a neigh

on his return from the opera, found the bouring island, when, as he neared her, he

house of his next neighbour but one on distinctly heard the wild notes of a favour. fire, and hastened to volunteer his exerite mountain air, which she, apparently tions to extinguish it. In order to do this heedlessly, was chaunting

On getting

more efficiently, he got on the roof of his nearer to her, he soon discovered, from her

own house, and crossed over to that of the disordered dress, that the peasant was right house in danger. Here he mistook a winin his surmises. He approached her with dow in the roof for leads, and, unluckily, the greatest good-nature, and attempted to get from her an explanation of her myste- and came down through the entire house,

stept on it; of course he broke through, rious appearance in such a situation, at such an hour ; but she replied to his inter- tumbling down the welled staircase. He

received some fractures, and was taken up rogatories with the archness and evasion

senseless. It was a long time before he often peculiar to persons of deranged in.

recovered. When he did, he had totally tellect. With considerable difficuity the

forgotten every thing connected with the divine prevailed on her to accompany him

accident. He remembered going to the to his home, where she was kindly received

opera, and returning from it, but the fire, by his wife, and every attention paid her

and tbe fall, had totally been obliterated which her melancholy situation and the

from his brain. Those about him informed dictates of humanity prescribed.-The fol

him of all these things, and added among lowing day her friends came into the village the rest, that the gentleman, in whose in search of her, and she was restored to

house he was hurt, had been unremitting in them amidst tears of joy and gratitude. It

his visits to inquire about him. " Aye," appears that her husband was a naval officer, who fell in battle at the storming of Al- for, you know, I dropped in on him the other

said North, "he was returning my call ; giers under Lord Exmouth, and that he was

night.” peculiarly attached to the little island near which she had been discovered, and where Mr. Campbell has a new poem in the she often accompanied him during his life- press, entitled “Theodoric," together with time on parties of pleasure. She was un- a collection of his minor pieces. der the care of friends, but had in the dead

Our readers will be pleased to hear that of night contrived to elude their pursuit, and to get to the still much cherished spot. entitled “ Sayings and Doings,” is nearly

a Second Series of the masterly Sketches LORD COCHRANE.

ready for publication. When Lord Cochrane was deprived of his rank in the British Navy, despoiled of

A Second Series of the popular Tales his honours, his knighthood, banners of the entitled “ Highways and By-ways," is in Bath, &c. kicked out of Henry VII's chap.

a forward state. el, after the inemorable verdict and sentence Amongst all the inventions of human following the Stock Exchange persecution, wit, there is none more admirable than his Lordship, among other things, was re- writing ; by means whereof a man may quired to give up the medallion, &c. of the copy out his very thoughts, utter his mind Order of the Bath, possessed by him as one without opening his mouth, and signify his of the Knights. This he declared he never pleasure at a thousand mile's distance, and would do, except into the King's own hands. this by the help of twenty-four letters. The Those honours had resulted from Royal several ways of combining these letters favour, and the King only should personal. amount, as Clarius the Jesuit has taken the ly take from him such customary peculiari. pains to compute, to 4,852,616,738,497,664, ties of the Order as were in his power. The

000 ways.

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THE winds are pillow'd, the sun is shining,

As if it delighted to cheer the land ; Though Autumn's tints are around declining,

And Decay rears altars on either hand. O'er western mountains the dark clouds hover,

Foretelling the chill of approaching showers ; The Summer pride of the woods is over,

Anu droop in languor the seeded flowers. Behold the fields that so lately nourish'd

For man their treasures of golden grain ; Behold the gardens that glowing flourish'd

With all the splendours of Flora's train ; Behold the groves that with leaf and blossom

Murmured at eve to the west wind's sway,-Le ! all proclaim to the pensive bosom,

We are of earth, and we pass away!
Oh, thus hy the wimpling brook's meander,

On a Sabbath morn, when all is still,
It is pure and serene delight to wander,

For peace encompasseth vale and bill ; And the warning tints of the earth before us,

And the chasten d hues of the skies above, And the red ash leaves that dangle o'er us,

Like lessons of Faith to the spirit prove.


Weave thee a wreath of woodbine, Child !

'Twill suit thy infant brow;
It runs up free in the woodlands wild,

As tender and frail as thou.
He bound his brow with a woodbine wreath,

And smiled his playful eye,
And he lightly skipped o'er the blossomed heath,

In his young heart's ecstasy.
I saw him not till his manly brow

Wás clouded with thought and care,
And the smile of youth, and its beauty, now

No longer wantoned there.
Go, twine thee a crown of the ivy tree,

And gladden thy loaded breast:
Bright days may yet shine out for thee,

And thy bosom again know rest.

'Tis now that the thoughtful heart, pervaded

By a spell that quenches all earthward strife, In submission broods over prospects faded,

And in colours real sees mortal life. Oh, shame now to the dạrk revealings Of

anger and spleen towards brother man! Oh shame to guilt, and all sullied feelings,

Which midnight consciences shrink to scan! When we list to the hermit rohin singing,

With a warning voice, 'mid fading bowers, Think we not then how life is winging

On to the tomb, which must soon be ours ! The past-the past, like a mournful story,

Lies traced on the map of thought unfurld ; And the future reveals the promised glory

Of unending spring in another world !
Where are the visions that flash'd and cheated,

With aurora beauty, our youthful sight ?
The hopes that we nursed, are they not defeated

Are the loves that bless'd us not quench'd in night? And thus, in abstracted meditation,

Over vanish'd beauty the spirit grieves,
Joys lost-friends gone to death's silent nation,

Are to the heart but its wither'd leaves,

Long years rolled on; and I saw again

His form in hoary age;
His forehead was deeply furrowed then,

In life's last feeble stage.

O be thy crown, old Man! I said,

Of the yew and the cypress made, A garland meet for thy silvered head,

Ere it low in the tomb be laid.

And such is Life, and such is Man

In his fleeting course below;
His little day, that in joy began,

Must proceed and end in wo:
But another day shall weave for him

A garland that will not die,
And his cup of bliss shall o’erflow its brim,

He sball live eternally,

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• Then stretch out and pull away, jolly boys, cotch'd him, and give him two dozen To the mercy of fortune we go ;

for running away ; how the giants at We're in for it now,-'tis a folly, boys,

Paddygonia were fifteen feet high, and To be dowo-hearted, yo, ho !"

carried their head under their arms; L ET me see-let me see- who was how the New Zealanders were savathe last man ? Oh, aye,


ges, and eat human flesh, and he called Junk, Billy C-, and the grey mare; them Anthonypopinjays, I think, or and that reminds me too that the grey some such name; how kind all the lamare is often the better horse ;--ax dies were at the Sandwich Isles; and Sir else which on 'em carries last, how poor Cook was killed. Jem the Admiral's flag? But I sharn’t had a kindly heart, and after weatherspin my yarn to-day, though I've got ing many a gale and fighting many a Junk to work upon, if I don't turn the battle, he was wrecked in the St. winch better. Jack Jank was a man- George 98, upon the coast of Jutland; of-waris-man every inch of him. He but his life was saved.

66 That was a was brought to bedno, no, I mean dreadful night indeed, (said Jem ;) born in an arm-chest, cradled in a fri- our ship lay struggling upon her beamgate, rocked by the billows, and nurs- ends, groaning and writhing like a ed by the Captain of the forecastle. giant in the agonies of death, and the He soon came to be a plaything for darkness which surrounded us was the all hands, quaffed his grog and chew- darkness of the grave. Oh with what ed his pigtail like'an angel. As soon anguish we heard the shrieks of our as he could speak, the Boatswain's messmates as they buffeted with the Mate tutored himn in the vulgar tongue, waves, and saw their dark forms for a taught him to wind his whistle, and moment while struggling on the white whistle to the wind. At six years of foam of the billows; and then the sea age, he had larned to read from the closed over them, and they sank to lids of bacca-boxes; and then he serve rise no more! The jury-masts were ed as a powder-monkey under Hawke, gone, and every hope had vanished. and took to squinting because he Hundreds had been washed away by would watch two guns at the same the breakers that beat over us, and the time, but he supplied his own the ship could not be expected to hold tobest. His head-sheets were flattened gether much longer. It was determinin by a spent wad. Well, he went ed to get the Admiral upon deck, for through the usual gradations, from he had retired as every exertion was Boatswain's boy to Quarter-master, unavailing. I and another descended and always did his duty like a Briton. through the sky-light into the cabin ; Jack's in Greenwich now, (for he lost the lamp was still burning, and threw his arm in Duckworth’s action in the its dim rays so as just to lighten up the West Ingees,) and we often cuff gloomy scene. The Admiral sat in away an hour talking about the Barge his chair, which was lashed to the and old times. Alongside of him, deck, his arms folded on the table, and upon the same thwart, was Jem Head- his head resting on them. He raised fast, a steady old boy, who had been himself as we approached; but never round the other side of the world, and shall I forget the countenance.

He outside of the world, along with Cook. was a father-he was a husband, and Many a mid-watch he's kept our ports his heart fainted within him. Only open listening to his tales about their those who have been in danger like discoveries osi Cape Flyaway, and ours can tell the nature of the feelings drinking grog with the man in the at such a moment, when every blast is moon; how he carried the princess the seaman’s krell, and every wave a. Lotochechowquanquischechimo, sister summons to eternity. He did not to King Longtomjackjemjerryjoe, at fear to die, but he thought of the anone of the Society Isles ; how he con- guish of those whom he should never varted them all, and was going to be see again. I yet see before my eyes made head chief, when the Captain the sickly paleness of his face and the


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