GB 1903.55-2022 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB 1903.55-2022, GB1903.55-2022): National food safety standard - Food nutritional fortification substance - L(+)-Ascorbic acid

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This standard applies to the food nutrition enhancer potassium L-ascorbate prepared from L-Ascorbic acid and potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate through a chemical reaction, crystallization, drying, and other processes. 2 Molecular formula, structural formula, and relative molecular mass 2.1 Molecular formula C6H7KO6 2.2 Structural formula 2.3 Relative molecular mass 214.22 (according to 2018 International Relative Atomic Mass) 3 Technical requirements 3.1 Sensory requirements Sensory requirements shall meet the requirements in Table 1. GB 1903.55-2022 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery Page 4 of 8 Table 1 -- Sensory requirements Item Requirements Testing method Color White to light yellow Take an appropriate amount of sample and place it in a clean and dry white porcelain dish, observe its color and state under natural light State Crystal or crystalline powder 3.2 Physicochemical indexes The physicochemical indexes shall meet the requirements in Table 2. Table 2 -- Physicochemical indexes Item Index Testing method Potassium L-ascorbate content (by the dry basis), w/% 99.0~101.0 A.3 in Appendix A pH (10% aqueous solution) 7.0~8.0 GB/T 9724 Specific rotation (by the dry basis), m (20 C, D)/[() ? m2 ? kg-1] +93 ~ +103 A.4 in Appendix A Loss on drying, w/% 0.25 Direct drying method specified in GB 5009.3 Lead (Pb)/(mg/kg) 2.0 GB 5009.12 or GB 5009.75 Total arsenic (by As)/(mg/kg) 3.0 GB 5009.11 or GB 5009.76 GB 1903.55-2022 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery Page 5 of 8 Appendix A Testing method A.1 General provision Reagents and water used in this standard refer to analytically pure reagents and third-grade water in accordance with GB/T 6682 unless other requirements are indicated. The standard titration solution, standard solution for impurity determination, preparations, and products used in the test shall be prepared according to the provisions of GB/T 601, GB/T 602, and GB/T 603 unless other r...

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